What are the Cluster’s priorities, according to the development directions?



In Biomedicine: Molecular Medicine (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics); development of biomedical equipment; new-generation vaccines and systematic approaches to treating contagions; modern methods of medicinal drug delivery; cell technologies; immunology and immunochemistry; molecular bases of the physiology of higher nervous activity; complex methods of personalised diagnostics and therapy.

In Bioinformatics: systemic biology (complex analysis and modeling of biological systems, virtual organisms); modeling and databases on medicine and biology; predicting and modeling of protein structures; computer design of medicinal drug structure; computer modeling of the medicinal drug working mechanisms.

In Biopharmaceuticals: genome and post-genome biomedical technologies of medicinal drugs creation; protein engineering; modeling of medicinal drug work; synthetic (peptidic) drugs.

In the field of industrial biotechnologies: biological cleaning of industrial waste water and the environment (bioremediation); production of medicinal drugs and foodstuffs; biomedical safety.