Dear colleagues and friends of the Cluster of Energy Efficient Technologies!


The main purpose of the Cluster is to create the environment that would enable the development of innovative solutions related to breakthrough technology in the field of efficient energy use and aimed at the priority development of new industries. I primarily refer to the solutions that are aimed at improving the performance of the oil and gas industry and power industry, RES development, reduced power consumption by industrial facilities, housing and public utilities, municipal infrastructure. The Cluster brings together the potential of fundamental and applied research in the field of fuel and energy complex, young entrepreneurs in the field of energy efficiency, Russian and international industrial companies and venture investors.

2016 was another year of records for the Cluster with about 380 participants, over 30 new grants (two-times growth vs 2015), new partners, new geography of our events. What is more important, the Cluster itself and many of our participants and partners now have a new house - our big Technopark, where we moved in December 2016.

In 2017, the Cluster is aimed at achieving even more ambitious and tangible results in terms of improving the interaction with participants and partners through:

  • improving the quality of the participants portfolio;
  • focused development of specific areas;
  • acceleration of profit-oriented participants;
  • development of individual plans of cooperation with industrial partners, based on their needs;
  • localization of partner R&D centres in Skolkovo;
  • support of corporate accelerators;
  • facilitation of consortium establishment for the implementation of new initiatives with the involvement of several partners and participants of Skolkovo;
  • targeted search for technologies according to the partners’ requests.


In view of the opening of the Skolkovo Technopark, the Cluster plans to hold more industry events at the new venue: exhibitions, contests, strategic sessions, scientific and technical councils, open days of partner companies, master classes and trainings, as well as to participate more extensively and effectively in the state initiatives.

I believe that the well-coordinated work of our team and efficient interaction with our participants and partners in 2017 will result in a greater number of commercial success stories, more effective commercialization of our start-ups and introduction of their technologies into production facilities, and will also contribute to the integrated development of the Skolkovo ecosystem.

Best regards,
Oleg Dubnov
Vice President, Executive Director
Cluster of Energy Efficient Technologies