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Разработка диагностических приборов для превентивного персонифицированного здравоохранения

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Connected with WHO exerts 60% burden of modern chronic diseases links with ten leading risk factors: 1. High blood presure, 2. High serum cholesterol level, 3. Imbalance feeding (Too high consumption of sodium, fats , sweets, and too low consumption of oil, potassium, magnesium, calcium, proteins, fibers), 4. Metabolic syndrome, 5. Smoking, 6. Overweight, 7. Under consumption of fruits, 8. Under consumption of vegetables, 9. Under physical activity, 10. Excess of the lead in the body. The main chronic diseases became the causes of invalidity of the significant part of population, especially aged persons that have the big professional experience and potential ability for active life and public work. Any integrity of modern cardiovascular pathology is hypertension. Its prevalence significant increases in persons after 30 with the temps of “snow avalanche”. The some epidemiological trials showed that the life of persons with BP ≥ 140/90 mm Hg is shorter on 7 years, and persons with BP ≥160/95-100 mm Hg is shorter on 12 years. The project ideology based on international and domestic guidelines for the non-communicable diseases risk factor control with use of experience of realization of European strategy for cardiovascular and other diseases prevention. We use also the recommendations of Moscow Global Conference of Ministers of Health (april, 2011). The base of function of medical service is the simple and quick diagnostic procedure, automatic transfer of data at federal or regional medical centers, as well as active using of medicine or non-medicine methods of prevention and rehabilitation. The data of self control and some physician tests will be added to patient history. Participation in this system give for everybody the possibility to control of his/her health condition. But medical staffs would have possibility to discover the early stage of diseases, to react and control quickly and effectively so risk factor as hypertension, obesity, any metabolic disorders et al.

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