CEO and Founder, Partnering Robotics

CEO and Founder, Ramesh Caussy created Partnering Robotics in 2007. He has worked for various Fortune 500 companies (Intel, Alcatel, 3com), contributing greatly to technological and market breakthroughs such as the release of XDSL, the connected Palm and the Intel Connected TV platform. Ramesh Caussy is the inventor of Diya One, the first “Anti-pollution and Wellness Robot” robot gifted with a Neuroinspired AI. He is also the holder of Roboethics, the INP Grenoble industrial chair on ethics in robotic service. With +25 years of innovation experience in high tech industries combined with a research background, Ramesh Caussy has some interesting views on how new technology introductions are changing our day to day live and evolution path. As a free thinker he regularly shares some ideas as speaker or during talks in various visible events.