Professor, Dept. Head Cogntive Mobile Systems, Fraunhofer

Frank E. Schneider (* 1967) is a scientific employee at the Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics. This research facility, which is mostly funded by the German MoD, has embodied excellence in applied research in the field of military technology for about now 50 years. He is deputy department head and program manager for the German Federal Armed Forces R&D program “Unmanned Systems”. Current program topics include CBRNE, RSTA, EOD/IED. Frank has been involved with robotics competitions since 1994 when he made the third place at the AAAI Robot Competition with the “Rhino”-Team from the University of Bonn. In 2004 he founded the EuropeanRobotics group and later in 2005 the European Land Robot Trials (ELROB). Under his governance the event was developed into the lead European outdoor/off-road robotic competition. In the years 2008/2010 the trials attracted up to 15 teams and about 1000 spectators resulting in international media coverage. Frank has been and still is the head and driving force of European Robotics and ELROB. In 2012 he was able to gather a group experts in robotic competitions and to successful bid for the EU FP7 ICT Call 9 "Target (e) – Speeding up progress towards smarter robots through targeted competitions". The new and exciting project is called euRathlon: In 2017 he founded the new European Robotics Hackathon (EnRicH) event. ENRICH is the world's first and only robotics trial that gives you pure and unspoiled real world scenarios to test and evaluate CBRNE robotic response equipment in a full scale nuclear facility. It provides the participants with a full blown Hazardous Materials Incident Response Operation – including finding real radiation sources, mapping challenging environments and/or manipulating radioactive material. Designed and guided by practitioners, made for the users, the industry and the R&D sector and all in the spirit of open-sciences, open-research and open-access.