Director, Robotics Lab Scl

Chilean and scout, born on December 7, 1975 in Valparaíso, married to Carolina Bastías, 3 children, Javier (22), Jorge (19) and Rodrigo (13). Studies in Commercial Engineering Universidad de Valparaíso, Former Officer of the Army of Chile, Military School of the Army of Chile, 1995 promotion. Specialist in architecture and technology management, entrepreneur, teacher, inventor and mentor of scientific talents, with a great social and service vocation, totally dedicated to the development of mechatronics and robotics technology in different fields, for 10 years I have trained more than 3000 young people in Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Colombia, allowing more than 700 young people to travel to the United States to compete in robotic tournaments, forming 34 teams that have competed in national and international tournaments, obtaining various awards in the United States, Japan, Europe and Chile. Speaker at various universities, colleges, innovation and entrepreneurship events, national and international. Interviewed by different press and television media, national and international. Guest writer of technological columns in various specialized magazines. Inventor of 14 products, including MIVOS, bidirectional automatic translator of sign language for deaf people and Over Mind, a system that uses brain signals to allow the disabled to move a wheelchair, turn on lights, control home automation among other applications. Currently • Director of Robotics Lab SCL. • Laboratory of the Water Director. • President and founder of ACHIRO, Chilean Association of Robotics. • Teacher and mentor of young talents. • Partial Professor, Adolfo Ibáñez University; University of Playa Ancha.