Chief Scientific Officer, 3D Bioprinting Solutions

Vladimir Mironov graduated from Ivanovo State Medical Institute in 1977 as MD. He defended his PhD in The 2 Moscow Pirogov Medical Institute in 1980. After that he worked at Max Planck Institute in Munich, Germany; The Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC, USA; Renato Archer Centre for Informational Technology in Campinas, San Paulo State in Brazil. After his return to Russia he continues to work as a Chief Scientific Officer of 3D Bioprinting Solutions. Vladimir Mironov is one of pioneer of 3D bioprinting and he personally participated in the development of series of robotic 3D bioprinters including in vivo 3D bioprinters as well as robotic biofabricators. Under his leadership in 2015 in Russia it was bioprinted world first functional and vascularzed organ - mouse thyroid gland.