CEO at Space Move LLC

Andrey is a graduate of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University (specialty "Robots and robotic systems"). In 2000 – 2005 participated in the University small satellite project. From 2005 to 2017 Andrey worked at the International space company Kosmotras, which provides commercial launch services for satellites all over the world. The sphere of activity in this company was connected with implementation of launch programs, coordination of technical interfaces between SC and LV. Currently, Andrey works as a Deputy Director for Launch Programs at Glavkosmos Launch Services company. Sphere of activity is connected with the analysis of the spacecraft and launch vehicle markets, participation in preparation and implementation of launch programs.

Scientific interests include robotics, mechatronics, dynamics of spacecraft, remote sensing spacecraft. Since 2006, Andrey has been conducting research in the field of dynamics of satellite manipulation robots. In 2014, he organized a startup project Space Move LLC. Developed key control algorithms for high-speed retargeting of spacecraft remote sensing camera, technical manager of the project "Robotic system for high-speed retargeting of small spacecraft camera".