The 2015 Russian Startup Tour will be held in 10 major cities, where projects from the outlying regions are invited to participate.



Russian Startup Tour 2015 Schedule

3-4 February Rostov-on-Don

11-12 February - Tomsk

17-18 February - Nizhny Novgorod

3-4 March Kazan

11-12 March Yekaterinburg

19-20 March - Almaty, Kazakhstan

25-26 March - St. Petersburg

2-3 April Vladivostok

6-7 April Krasnoyarsk

14-17 April - Minsk, Belarus

21-22 April Ufa

29-30 April - Moscow region

2-3 June - Startup Village Skolkovo

The Russian Startup Tour is the biggest event in the country aimed at discovering innovation projects and developing the necessary competences of startup teams.

The main goal of the initiative is to cultivate a startup community across Russia that should consist of talented young entrepreneurs, investors, technopark representatives, leading regional universities and scientific research institutes.