In February, 2016 will start the next Startup Tour — the largest project in Russia and the CIS in search of promising innovation projects and the development of competencies of novice startup teams implementing projects in the sphere of high technologies.

The purpose of the Tour is to find promising innovative solutions and help young developers in shaping their own development strategies.


Russian Startup Tour 2016 Schedule

1-2 FebruaryIrkutsk

4-5 FebruaryVladivostok

9-10 FebruaryNovosibirsk

15-16 FebruaryChelyabinsk

17 FebruaryMagnitogorsk

14-15 MarchKrasnodar

17-18 MarchTaganrog

24-25 MarchTula

30-31 MarchAlmaty, Kazakhstan

7-8 AprilMinsk, Belorussia

14-15 AprilKaliningrad

18-19 AprilTolyatti

21-22 AprilSaratov

2-3 JuneMoscow, Startup Village

The most interesting and useful in the Tour

Global Vision

  • Global trends in five industries : IT, Biomedicine , Energy , Space, Nuclear Technologies.
  • Useful international experience and the situation in Russia.

Business Skills

  • Development of professional and personal qualities of entrepreneurs.
  • Vectors of business development and skills for that.
  • Methods of sales , communication with investors and work with intellectual property.

Interactive + Networking

  • Theory and practice of interaction with an audience.
  • Development of skills for professional communication and search of new business partners, employees and investors.

Mentoring program and pitch session

  • Project presentation for team of experts
  • Feedback on the demand for technology and investments
  • Correct business model of project right on the start

Competitive program

  • Biological and Medical Technologies
  • Biotechnology in Agriculture and Industry
  • Industrial Technologies and Materials
  • Energy and Energy Efficiency Technologies
  • Information Technologies