• Intelligent Platforms and Solutions
    The multi-agent technology and software tools for developing distributed intelligent and self-organizing systems of industrial level. Using multi-agent technologies, the company develops the Intelligent Transportation Management System for transportation and logistics companies as well as the Smart Logistics Development Kit that enables cost-effective design and production of industrial multi-agent applications.
  • Inforesource
    iBuildApp is a patent-pending automated mobile app creation and publishing Platform-as-a-Service. The platform allows any business, group or individual to create and publish a native or a web app for a smartphone or a tablet (currently supporting HTML, iOS and Android) in a matter of minutes. The interface is template based with widgets for location / contact us, coupons, video, audio, pictures, RSS, Twitter / Facebook etc.
  • GlobalLab
    Collaborative platform to enable online, crowdsourcing-based investigative projects
  • STC-innovations
    Biometric systems based on artificial intellect and speech technologies used for security and access control.
  • VIST Mining Technology
    Intelligent Mine - the Future of mining! The development of robotized systems for mining equipment using GLONASS navigation to provide unmanned automated extraction and hauling at opencast mines.
  • SDI Research
    Semantic reference data managment in machine-building enterprises
  • 3DiVi Company
    Company develops a three-dimensional computer vision technology solution (hardware and software) for various industrial and commercial applications, including Smart TV. Our technology (fully or partially) can be used to build a new generation entertainment platform.



  • Pharma Bio
    Scientific research, synthesis and development of a new generation of innovative peptide drugs for the treatment of socially important diseases – such as Alzheimer's disease, chemotherapy-induced neutropenia, autoimmune diseases
  • Leksystems
    Development of small molecules, peptides, oligonucleotides and Drug Delivery Systems for Neurology, Cancer and Genetic disorders. Contract research & development – from synthesis to clinical trials.
  • Quantum Pharmaceuticals
    Computer Aided Drug discovery
  • HemaCore Labs
    Thrombodynamics-4D. A new integral assay for diagnostics of hemostasis highly sensitive to disorders of both plasma and platelet dependent blood coagulation.



  • Aerob
    New generation of remotely piloted vehicles, including miniature, with artificial intellect for probing
  • Advanced Energy Technologies
    Miniature atomic clock is a highly stable frequency and time reference with the small size and low power consumption for use in advanced packet switching data communications systems, navigation equipment, on-board equipment of small-scale spacecrafts, multiposition radar systems, encryption and coding devices, control elements of any distributed systems.
  • Tensosensor
    Basic technology for production of polymorphic switches for spacecraft control systems