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Denis Nikitin
Director Sertification&Standartization Center «Skolkovo»

«The unique feature of our center – three key areas of technical regulation for the circulation of products on the market: certification, standartization and accreditation. 

We carry out a full scope of certification work in "one window" mode - one-stop service, including  organaizing the development and analysis of technical documentation, checking  production status at all stages of the life cycle, conducting research and testing of products.

We cooperate with companies that produce innovative products, as well as with startups, laboratories and community centers».


The scope of our activity is not limited:
from computers to nuclear technologies!

We offer


Certification/declaration of conformity in accordance with Technical Regulations of Customs Union (TR CU)

International certification in accordance with requirements of international standards/directives 

Certification of compliance with technical regulation of national standards requirements on voluntary basis

Quality Management System sertification


Development of national/ preliminary national standards for fundamentally new types of innovative products



Development of technical documentation for innovative products


Development of technical documentation for Quality Mangement System in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements



Development of quality manual (QMS)  for the laboratory in accordance with ISO 17025 

Preparation of a set of documents for laboratory accreditation in the FSA

Organization and consulting support of laboratory accreditation in the FSA



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