Expert examination

About the experts:

 Infor bulletin for experts #2 (.pdf, 1.0MB)

Expert pool and examination:

About examinations

  • Status examinations (examinations of the status)

Before applying for a grant, all applicants of the Skolkovo Foundation must prove that their project is ready for this stage. To that end, they should draft an application via their personal account at with a description of the project and submit it to get a project participant status. This application is distributed to ten randomly selected experts specializing in the innovation priority specified in the application. Each expert needs to answer five key questions posed in the application and comment on each one of them:

  1. Does the product to be created offer competitive advantages in the global market?

  2. Does the product offer substantial commercialization potential?

  3. Is the product development process consistent with scientific principles?

  4. To what extent would the competencies of the team help the successful implementation of the project?

  5. Does the project team include a professional (professionals) experienced in development / commercialization in the international market?

  • Grant examinations

Applicants who have successfully passed the status examination stage and become participants of the Skolkovo Project may apply for a grant. To that end, they should prepare a set of documents required by the Grant Policy of the Foundation. After internal verification, these documents are circulated to experts specializing in the relevant focus area. The examination involves from three to five experts. This examination covers a wider range of issues and is more detailed than the status examination. Experts are asked to fill out Feedback Forms.

  • Grant use report examinations

The applicant must report on how the grant is being used at every stage of the process in a separate report. . The report must also be submitted for examination to verify whether the actual spending matches the goals stated when applying for the grant. This type of examinations is similar to grant examinations. The examination involves from three to five experts.