Vasily Ryzhenkov

Director of the Mobile Technolody Center

Mobile Technology Center at Skolkovo, is the only Russian technology centre focused on technology creation and development with introduction to international markets for our start-ups in mobile technology.

The primary objective of the centre is to conduct business development for our residents. Additionally, our centre is aimed at creating a framework of reducing the costs of building a community of business within technology start-ups. Consequentially, our centre acts as an enabler to resolve start up issues, faced by our residents during their early stages of lifecycle.

Center of mobile technology supports more than 50 projects within the following areas of mobile technologies: wearable electronics, the Internet of Things technology, human-machine interfaces, operating systems, platforms and applications for mobile, embedded and wearable electronics, augmented and virtual reality.

Centre Overview

The centre provides the following services for our residents:

Acceleration programmes for hardware and software start-ups, including in-house educational programmes

Co-working projects

Hackspace projects

Mentoring with expert support

Community projects with the direction of MobileTech

Privileges of the Skolkovo residency

Partner with large IT corporations within Russia and around the world

Participate within Russian and international exhibitions

Investments in projects (from pre-seed to Round B) from accredited and specialized venture capital business angels

 Direct access to the client


Key facts and Figures



54     Technological Russian start-ups in mobile technology

548  Employment opportunities created

62     Patents



30+ Experts

20+ Mentors




597 Million Rubles income generated with projects in 2014

341 Million Rubles attracted in investments

176 Million Rubles disbursed using grants


About Centre



Priority areas



Wearable Electronics


Human control interface


Internet of Things


Operating System platform & applications


Virtual and augmented reality 


Graduates of the Seed accelerator



Human-oriented lighting


Indoor navigation and analytics


Cloud service of automatic pronunciation correction


Instant offline file exchange


Graduates of the Hardware 2.0 accelerator



Human-oriented lighting


Software development for face, gender and age recognition, gesture control for Android devices and animation avatar for virtual reality headset


Rewritable gadget that will fit all of your discount cards


Smart Wall Clock to display information from your wearables, smart home devices and web services.


3D motion controller with tactile feedback


News of Mobile Tech Hub



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