Seed Acceleration Program
Centre for Mobile Technologies and iDealMachine



Acceleration program for mobile technologies is a collection of initiatives undertaken by start-up companies during their initial stages for intensive business development.



Goals and Objectives of the program


Creating an environment for attracting investment within the company

Identification and verification of business model

Expediting product introduction to market, whilst minimising time to market.



Overview of the Acceleration Program


 Diversification of business, technology and industry tracks within the project, through the assistance of experts, mentors and network partners mentors and network partners

 The broad educational program led by industry experts, which establishes best practices, and use cases on the most important areas of product development and business

 Hackspace lecture hall is a laboratory dedicated to prototyping equipment and software from partners of the Center

 Co-working space for centre residents who are participants of the accelerator program and entrepreneurs within the mobile hardware sector.

 Resourcefulness to attract funding and investment from 10+ venture capital funds, business angels and get SKBA Foundation grant

 Access to resources and support from Skolkovo and its partners



Major Features of the Accelerator


Technology focus on hardware and software

Specialised courses and programs for software projects

Strong industry focus with access to sales using our channel partners within multiple industry sectors, such as retail, healthcare, finance, amongst others

Focus on project development within international markets

Methodologies within business, technology and industry tracks

Individualised approach to each project, with two mentors and one industry expert handling a single project



What is in for Start-ups?


 Funding: - Investment ($ 20K - after acceleration at up to $ 220K - after the accelerator) and additional grants

 Business development through peer with mentor support and training

 Community focused interactions

 A dynamic and rigorous schedule of the project development

 Demand verification of the product with sales and profit assessment

 Free access to co-working for 4 months

 Access to resources and support at Skolkovo

 A clear and defined plan for future product development upon program completion

Graduates of the Seed accelerator


Human-oriented lighting


Indoor navigation and analytics


Cloud service of automatic pronunciation correction


Instant offline file exchange


Criteria for teams


 Member of Skolkovo

 Compliance with direction of the MobileTech (all clusters)

 НThe presence of a balanced, ambitious and dedicated team/span>

 Competitive advantage over global peers

 Significant potential for product commercialization

 The product is at a stage of ideas or prototypes


How to access the acceleration program


 Send a detailed presentation of the project on our email: with the subject line, specifying “Software accelerator”

 To pass the primary selection and to come to come to the presentation day

 Using only 5 minutes to describing clearly and accurately, why should we select your project

 Get invited to a personal meeting with the accelerator team for a detailed discussion of your project

 To be in the final list of participants within acceleration program and begin intensive work


Duration of the Program



Seed project:

4 months

1 month – pre-acceleration
3 months - full acceleration program

Hardware project

6-8 months

1 месяц – преакселерация
5-7 months - full acceleration program




Partner for Acceleration Program

Acceleration partner


iDealMachine - is a venture fund and a start-up accelerator that works with technological projects from the earliest stages, including the idea stage. The fund's portfolio includes 25 companies, which are classic IT-companies and "iron" high-tech projects. Most of these projects have attracted iDealMachine seed-round investments and actively scaled.


Contact information


Sergey Pogrebnyakov

+7(495) 956-00-33, 2406
+7(916) 276-58-76