Within the framework of the objective to concentrate resources and competencies:

  • Expert Boards have been created at the Cluster (world’s leading scientists working in the IT field; representatives of successful IT businesses);
  • Agreements have been signed with Key Partners, some of the largest foreign companies (such as CISCO, Intel, Siemens, Microsoft, Nokia Siemens Networks);
  • Joint programmes and road-maps with leading institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Steklov Institute of Mathematics, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Lebedev Institute of Physics, Kharkevich Institute for Data Transfer Problems, Kotelnikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics) are undergoing approval.

Within the framework of the objective to promote the development of innovative processes in the IT field:

  • Educational competitions are held on a regular basis (UMNIKI, Skolkovo for Schoolchildren!);
  • Development of projects for the creation of joint link-laboratories in cooperation with leading universities has already started (ITMO, HSE, MIPT, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Lobachevsky State University of Nizhniy Novgorod – National Research University).

Within the framework of providing support to companies engaged in research and development work:

  • Basic regulations for support of project activities have been implemented;
  • In cooperation with Microsoft, a joint grant programme for startups has been developed;
  • 31 companies received Project Participant status
  • 5 companies received funding
  • A joint programme entitled “Start-up Capital” is being broadcast on “Dozhd” (Rain) TV channel;
  • Competitions for young innovators are held regularly (“Battle of Startups” within the framework of the “Friends of Skolkovo Club”; i-Prize competition in cooperation with Cisco).

Within the framework of the objective to promote the formation of innovative information infrastructure in key sectors of the economy:

  • Joint programmes for building an ecosystem to develop innovations are undergoing approved with ministries, corporations and development institutes (Ministry of Information Technology and Communications, Ministry of Education and Science, Rosneft, Russian Railways, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade);
  • iLiftTV