The Skolkovo Foundation informs that admission of applications for the vacancy of the Executive Director of the Information Technologies Cluster is completed. If you have an interest in taking any other position with the Skolkovo Foundation and/or companies – Skolkovo participants, please, send your CV to:


Vacancy tender: Executive director of Information Technologies cluster


Executive director of Information Technologies cluster

Cluster’s executive director reports directly to Senior Vice-President for development and commercialization and leads the cluster’s team of Russian and foreign specialists.

Place of employment: Moscow, Russia

About IT Cluster:

The main goal of the cluster is to create a model of an effective ecosystem for the development and commercialization of IT innovations in Russia. In order to achieve this, special focus will be given to the establishment and support of Russian startup companies.

Within the framework of this goal, three major objectives have been set for the cluster– to concentrate resources and competencies in the IT field, to facilitate the development of the innovative processes, and to encourage the formation of innovative IT infrastructure in key sectors of the Russian economy. 

Achieving the objective of concentrating resources and competencies requires concluding partnership agreements with innovators, research institutes and venture investors, as well as with existing development institutes.

In order to support the development of IT innovations, the cluster provides assistance in the training of a new generation of young scientists and managers. With support of the cluster, educational programs at universities are being developed and various competitions are being held, with students and young scientists receiving access to IT laboratories.

The IT Cluster’s activity is focused on the following strategic directions of information technologies:

  • New generation of multimedia search engines
  • Recognition and processing of images, video and voice
  • Analytical software
  • Mobile applications
  • Embedded control systems
  • Web X.0
  • Complex engineering solutions
  • New technology for the transfer and storage of information
  • Cloud computing
  • Green Information Technology
  • Software for the financial and banking sectors
  • IT Security
  • IT in Medicine and Healthcare
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • IT in Education

Currently there are more than 170 companies, start-ups that have received the status of the Skolkovo’s residents.

Key tasks and responsibilities:

  • Targeted attraction of the innovative technological start-up companies with high potential for commercialization
  • Portfolio management of companies - residents of Skolkovo, support of their commercialization efforts
  • Cluster’s expert community building and development
  • Interaction with the Scientific Advisory Board of the Skolkovo Foundation
  • Designing an effective system of selection and packaging of innovative projects, preparing them for grant funding
  • Portfolio management for corporate and institutional partners of the cluster: identification of the target portfolio, attraction and interaction with key institutional partners.
  • Relationship development in scientific, academic and business communities in the IT area both in Russia and abroad; promotion of technological entrepreneurship

Requirements for candidates’ professional and managerial experience:


A scientific degree

Professional experience:

  • More than 15 years of working experience in the IT industry
  • Background in research and development, extensive knowledge and understanding of IT market trends, as well as technological entrepreneurship in Russia
  • Proven track record in implementing commercial projects in the field of information technology and / or experience in venture business in Russia and / or abroad
  • Experience and skills in the field of technological expertise, investment attractiveness evaluation, and venture projects structuring
  • High profile and credibility in the scientific, academic and business communities in Russia and / or abroad
  • Experience and skills in public presentations
  • Broad business acumen
  • Proven leadership and managerial skills, experience in building and managing successful teams
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships both within and outside organization

Knowledge of foreign languages: fluent in English and Russian

Admission forms to August 27th, 2012.