Skolkovo is the largest innovation and technology hub in Eastern Europe, comprising over 2,000 high-tech companies, of which more than 600 are developing innovative solutions in IT and telecoms. Skolkovo has 50 multinationals as key partners, who benefit from the innovation city’s resources, including IBM, SAP, Cisco, Samsung, Intel, Microsoft, Siemens and Ericsson, to name but a few.



Dmitry Khodkov

Alexey Kalenchuk



TRY.FIT patent-pending technology efficiently generates Fit Confidence for high online and in-store Conversion and Use Satisfaction by a digital 3D simulation of the shopper’s feet and how they move during intended use activities and identification of the best-fitting footwear for those activities.



Sarafan is an Artificial Intelligence for clothes, shoes and accessories recognition in photos. Technology is used for content monetizing for publishers, bloggers, media-sites and for fashion brands promotion.



LLC CARiOT performs full cycle of works on development software and hardware solutions for Intelligent system management in rental services.
The company's products:

  • Telematics terminal CARiOT - the Location of the car, Central door lock control, alarm, determination of the driving style and the alcohol vapors in the cabin, remote engine control, diagnostics and other functions.
  • CRM CARiOT - the Automated control system rental service. Access fleet online, manage tariffs, customer base, nonacceptance settlement, reports, etc.
  • CARiOT mobile app on Android and iOS platforms - Branded application for lease available vehicles.

Equipment CARiOT is certificates EAC on the territory of the Customs Union, convenient to use and reliable.



Arc Fault

Arc Fault occurs at electrical points where the contact is lost in the final circuits of a fixed installation or in the electric equipment. This problem cannot be detected by MCBs, RCDs or RCBOs as there is neither the overcurrent or the ground fault. Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD) detects the sparking between the contact points and trips the circuit to limit the risk of fire.



Oz Forensics helps to reduce digital fraud risks and costs by automating KYC processes with image, video and biometric analysis. Oz Forensics is the platform with 3 modules: Oz PhotoExpert - scans and photo recognition, Oz Biometry - face recognition in photo and video stream, Oz Text - recognition of any ID and passports, based on 11 unique recognition algorithms including biometry and machine learning with scientific base. Advantages multifunctional and automation workflow based on AI, high accuracy 98%. API and SDK. SaaS and on premise. Our customers: Banks, Insurance Companies, Payment systems, Crypto- currency Exchanges, FinTech, ICO projects, Gambling industry, sharing economy companies. We saved 1M USD to our clients.



ALTechnologies Company creates clean, sustainable and environmentally friendly power sources based on the aluminum-air fuel cells, which are using aluminum as a renewable and affordable fuel. 
The Aluminum-Air Fuel Cells are using aluminum, water and air as a fuel. So, it is a clean alternative to the internal combustion engines, but aluminum is used as a sustainable and recyclable fuel which substitutes the gasoline or diesel. 
We are developing our products to provide people with independent, reliable and clean energy in any, even in the most extreme conditions, helping to take the new horizons and expand the boundaries of what is possible.