Results of the Foundation’s Work for April 2013

The Strategic goal: Successfully manage a portfolio of innovation projects and ensure their communications with each other and with the most important elements of the innovation ecosystem.



Target Value

Results On 30.04.2013

Management comments

The number of intellectual property applications created as a result of innovation activities at Skolkovo (including  copyright applications), pcs.



Ten intellectual property right applications had been submitted during the month of April.

The largest number of applications were filed under the strategic direction "Energy Efficiency" (44%).

The share of external co-financing attracted for particpants’ projects in, %.


44 %

Since the beginning of the year 18 grants have been approved, of which:

  • 5 grants in stage 2 (with co-financing ≥ 50%)
  • 5 grants in stage 1 1 (with co-financing ≥ 25%)
  • 8 small grants (do not require co-financing)


The strategic goal: Use the skills and resources of partners to develop a research infrastructure and support the participants in commercialization and integration of participating companies’ innovative products into global technology ecosystems.



Target Value

Result on 30.04.2013

Management Comments

The number of jobs, created at R & D centers of Skolkovo’s key partners, who have signed an agreement, pcs.

500 334

The number of jobs at the R & D centers increased by 8 in April through an agreement with OAO "TMK".

The total number of jobs in this R & D center will be 55 people by 2015 and 3,194 people in all companies’ R & D centers who signed an agreement with Skolkovo.

Under negotiation: an agreement with Danfoss (the total number of jobs in 2015 - 17 people.).

The involvement of venture capitalists (VCs):

The share of investments from accredited VCs of the total investment that participants have attracted from external funding sources,%

20 39

KPI consists of the average of two indicators:

1) The share of investments by accredited venture capital funds in the total amount of investments which have co-financed participants. This indicator reflects the statistics of two months of work in 2013, and amounts 67.87%. The majority of the funding was provided by investment funds Bioprocess, VEB Innovation (2) and Columbus Nova

2) The proportion of participants supported by accredited venture capital funds in the total number of participants. This figure is 9.28% and corresponds to the average level of 11.9% in 2011-2012.


Facility Name

Planned Date Completion Current Phase*

Status on 30.04.2013

Management Comments (inc. new construction deadline in the event of deviations from plan)

Scheduled Date of Completion

Town-planning documentation

February 2013 


Approved the project planning zone, made adjustments to the part of the Central Zone, 24 sites are prepared for trade


1. Skoltech Complex

Stage P – July 2013 


The project documentation is prepared by companies «Ove ARUP» and «Herzog & De Meuron»

Contracts for the excavation and the purchase of pilings will be concluded in May 2013.

October 2014

2 .Technopark Complex

Stage P – March 2013


Project documentation prepared by «Valode et Pistre», passed to 'expertise'. Forecasted time to finish expertise is May 2013.

October 2014 

Start Construction
May 2013 


Signed contract for excavation and piling.

The contractor has mobilized and began works.

3. Apartments

Stage P – February 2013 


Adjustment of the boundaries of the adjacent land at the central zone has made it necessary to adjust the design documentation. Project documentation handed over to the expertise. Forecasted time to finish expertise is June 2013

October 2014
Start Construction
May 2013

The shift in deadlines for the design does not affect the date for completion of construction works. In order to meet construction deadlines, access to the site occurs in stages

4. Technopark Office Center

June 2013

Preparation of design and selection of the contractor. The planned deadline of the 1st stage - December 2013

December 2013

5. Social Infrastructure:

5.1. Family Campus

Stage P – October 2013


Obtained project design from contest participants, completing selection of design company 

October 2014

5.2. Policlinic

Stage P – October 2013


Prepared design project. The design organization is being selected

October 2014

6. Central Zone:

6.1 The lectures block

Stage P – August 2013

Prepared project design, project design company in the process of being selected.

January 2015

6.2 Student quarter

Stage P – July 2013

Prepared project design, project design company in the process of being selected

August 2014

6.3 Market quarter (Cultural center, City hall)

Stage P – September 2013

Prepared the assignment for project design, project design company in the process of being selected. 

January 2015

7 Citywide systems engineering - technical support

7.1. Roads and utilities for the Boulevard

Construction Completion – December 2013

According to the plans, construction is performed by "Moskapstroy"

March 2014

7.2. Roads and utilities for the parkway

Stage P – March 2013

Forecasted date for completion of the examination - May 2013

March 2014

8. Landscaping and gardening

Stage P – September 2013

Project design is performed by "Gorinzhproekt"

September 2015



Target Value

Results on 30.04.2013

Management Comments

The amount of external co-funding attracted for the city's construction, Bn. Rub.


2,06 (30,884)

  • Signed a preliminary agreement for 30.884 billion rubles. Signed a definitive agreement with Renova Lab for 2.06 billion rubles. Detailed information can be found in the attachment.
  • Announced contest to attract investors for the complex of research buildings totaling 60,000 square meters. 



Project Name

Investor / Key Partner Name

Property Area


Land area, ha

Amount of funding (city program), mln. rub

Planned date lease signing with Invest. conditions

Research Centers and Office-Laboratory Facilities

1 Sberbank Technopark


73 200 D1-01 7,96 5 539

July 2013


Sberbank MegaTsOD-2


37 000 Z2.1-01 4,07 7 000

July 2013


Solkovo Business Center


21 700 D3 1,62 1 606

May 2013


Research and Development Center Renova

Renova Lab

26 500 Z2.1-03 2,54 2 060

April 2013


Research and Development Center  TransMashHolding

Renova Lab

25 000 D2-15 2,72 1 459

June 2013


Research and Development Center  MOEK


13 900 D1-09 0,77 790

August 2013


SEC Tatneft


9 000 – 13 000 D1-02 0,84 708

August 2013

Infrastructure Objects


Trasnport Hub


30 000 Z1-06 n/a 3 000

June 2013

2 Network Engineering


n/a n/a 4 757

July 2013



Project Name

Date Announcement Invest. Contest

Property Area


Land area, ha

Amount of funding (city program), mln. rub

Planned date lease signing with Invest. conditions

Offices and Research & Development Facilities


R&D CenterTechnotwin

15-03-2013 68 810 D2-14 4 2 965

July 2013

Infrastructure Objects


Parking Р3

Aprill 2013

40 000 Z2.1-05 2,61 1 000

August 2013


The Strategic Goal: Improve management systems to ensure successful outcomes of the Fund's objectives



Target Value 

Results on 30.04.2013

Management Comment

The average time for taking decisions, calendar days:

A) participant status according to the process of preliminary approval; 
B) participant status without the prior approval; 
C) grants to participants

A) 40

B) 30

C) 70

A) 30

B) 25

C) 78

Deviation of actual results from the set targets on the decisions to give a grants:

  • small amount to choose from;
  • time gap in the evaluation (filed in 2012, completed  examination in 2013);
  • Discretionary calendar meetings of the Grant Committee (decision can only be taken at a meeting of the Grant Committee, which is held every three weeks).

Compliance with the budget of the Fund (except for the budget for the construction of innovation city),%



Budget uses on 30.04.2013 amounts 43% of the 4 month total budget due to the timing of procurement and contracting procedures that in practice transfer payments to the following periods in 2013.


The Strategic Goal: Establishing a virtual medium and design a social infrastructure for the creation of Skolkovo's innovation community and continues inflow of talent from outside


KPITarget Value 

Results on 30.04.2013

Management Comment

Percentage of newly attracted online community-participants (the ratio of registered accounts to the total number of unique visits),%



Such a significant difference with the previous period that is exceeding the target level KPI, is due to the activities to promote Startup Village and through registrations on the site: (when registering for the event on the site, users are automatically registered on the site of


Dynamics of Participants Count


Current increase
new participants
from number of current participants
Actual number of participants
Dynamics of growth
members per day
cluster – every third member

Attracting project participants

The territorial scope of participants

Grants to Participants
Approved grants
mln. rub.
Transferred grants
mln. rub.
Grants approved and transferred by clusters in 2013, million rubles.
Approved 2013
Transferred 2013
Overall, 53 accreditation
agreements with venture funds
were signed,
totally amounting
to 20 billion rubles
Key Partners

From the 32 key partners - 17 major international companies are planning to build R & D centers at the Innovation Center. Total number of staff in 2015 will amount to 1,568 people, the amount of invested funds until 2015 will be more than 15.9 million rubles


Main Indicators

on 31.03

on 30.04

The number of companies - key partners of Skolkovo Fund
31 1 32
The number of corporate R & D centers planned to be deployed in Skolkovo
26 1 27
Estimate of the number of employees in R & D centers in 2015, pers.
3 139 55 3 194
Value of the total budget of R & D centers by the end of 2015, bln.
28,6 0,6 29,2
Analysis of the current number of employees in R & D centers
1 096 8 1 103
The number of corporate venture capital funds financing Skolkovo's participants (NAVI and Columbus Nova (GC "Renova»), Intel Capital (Intel))
3 - 3


List of the Fund’s Key Partners **

Nokia Corporation, Kamaz, Siemens , RU-COM, Microsoft, USC, EADS , HC Composit, Ericsson, ISS Reshetneva, General Electric, AFK Sistema, Nokia Siemens Networks, GC Renova, Cisco, Tatneft, EMC, TNK-BP, Schneider Electric, GC Rosatom, Honeywell, OAO Lukoil, Alstom, Transmashholding, Intel, TMK, IBM, SAP, Boeing, TATA, Johnson&Johnson, Samsung.

** In bold international companies

Registration of intellectual property items

Submitted orders






for utility patent

Applications for trademark registration

for software patent

Concluded patent searches
Received applications for the preparations of IP assets
Prepared applications for IP objects
Key Events in the Skolkovo Foundation

Institute Road Show for Promotion Russian Startup Tour

April 1 — Vladivostok
April 2 — Krasnoyarsk
April 3 — Tomsk
April 4 — Novosibirsk
April 16 — Nizhniy Novgorod
April 17 — Astrakhan
April 18 — Rostov-on-Don
April 19 — Kaluga
April 25 — Belgorod
Apr. 29 — Kaliningrad


Conference at Technopark Skolkovo: TEDxSkolkovoChange: Positive Disruption



Russian Imagine Cup finals at Skolkovo Hypercube 

Siemens Future Dialogue conference at Skolkovo Hypercube


Master classes on investments, monetization of services and promotion on the Internet, at Technopark Skolkovo


Signed Agreement on the establishment and deployment of R & D Center of OAO "TMK" at Skolkovo


Delegation of businessmen from Israel visited Technopark Skolkovo


Lecture "Science in Modern Society" Professor Edward Seidel SkolTeh in MGDD (S) T


Day of the laboratory 3-D prototyping at Technopark Skolkovo

Success Stories
  • Russian Superconductor

    The project "Storage of kinetic energy" developed by company "Russian superconductor" received an investment attractiveness index of  BBB ("Sufficient investment attractiveness") in the Russian Startup Index

    Project "Storage of kinetic energy" is aimed at creating mass production of high-tech, innovative, and competitive products - storage of kinetic energy of high power and energy

    The devices can be used to improve the performance of power for short term consumption and increased power take-off (to compensate peak volumes) and to improve the stability of power plants and power systems.

    It is also advantageous to use the kinetic energy storage devices to significantly improve efficiency in usage of recovered energy in electrified transport and other equipment

  • IKIZ

    "IKIZ" (Space Research Institute of the Earth) successfully implemented the first phase of works for the mapping of vegetation of northern Eurasia based on satellite data, commissioned by the U.S. Forest Service

    Company "IKIZ" successfully developed a technology for automated identification of terrestrial vegetation based on satellite data

    The technology is based on the analysis of time series of medium resolution satellite data using innovative locally-adaptive algorithms and allowing to obtain uniform, comparable information about the type and condition of vegetation on the continent, and eventually worldwide. The high degree of automation makes it possible to build maps every year to monitor the temporal dynamics of vegetation. The technology enables to identify the maximum number of classes of terrestrial vegetation to date.

    Ltd. "IKIZ" (Space Research Institute of the Earth) successfully implemented the first phase of works for the mapping of vegetation of northern Eurasia based on satellite data, commissioned by the U.S. Forest Service

    The essence of innovation

  • Transgenpharm

    "Biotechnology Center transgenesis in the pharmaceutical industry" Transgenfarm " received a patent. The Federal Service for Intellectual Property granted the patent "Genetic structure" for the production of recombinant human lactoferrin

    Industrial production of human lactoferrin protein in the form of a water-soluble powder

    Use of this product will significantly reduce mortality in preterm infants, as well as in the cases of bottle-fed infants

    Work on sourcing therapeutic proteins from milk-giving animals can now make these proteins available to the masses of  patients who need them. This process will be environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and the number of medicines  with  derived human proteins will be regulated by the number of animal-breeders

  • Incuron

    The company "Inkuron" has received approval from the U.S. Administration of Quality Supervision Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for clinical trials of a drug for cancer CBL0137.

    The company's activities focus on the development and preclinical and clinical studies of innovative medicines based on a new class of molecules. Kuraksin are small molecules with a potential for a wide range of therapeutic applications for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases

    Kuraksins are unique because they simultaneously modulate in the correct direction the abnormal activity of three key signaling pathways in the tumor cells (through the inhibition of protein complex chromatin FACT), it determines the selectivity for their antitumor effects

    There is a high probability of successful application of Kuraksins in the treatment of certain autoimmune diseases and inflammatory conditions

Success Stories
  • Asteros Labs

    The company "Asteros Labs' presented the solution " Asteros Contact Air "for airports worldwide. A universal interface for the registration of air passengers, created by the Russian developer, was demonstrated to visitors at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Geneva.

    A universal interface for recording passengers named "Asteros Contact Air" allows airports to register passengers on flights of different airlines at any counter, implementing an general check-in approach - « single window »

    Development will unload the reception area at peak hours

    Optimizes the process of training personnel who will no longer need to study the system of registration for each airline, it will be sufficient to examine only one interface

  • Gazohim Techno

    Company "Gazohim Techno" began designing a pilot mini-GTL plant with a 10-13 million Nm3 per year capacity for incoming gas to synthetic liquid hydrocarbons output amounting to 5.8 million tons per year. Completion of construction will be in the 3rd quarter of 2014.

    The purpose of the project is the commercialization of mini-GTL technology - Creating the world's first viable small-scale GTL plant , capable of  effectively monetizing the small gas resources from raw materials (associated petroleum gas, biogas, methane, natural gas, etc.)

    Essence of the business - licensed production and sale of  "mini-GTL" units, designed for the processing of natural and associated gas into synthetic crude oil and products of higher added value

    A joint Russian-British project, in which the achievement of technological and economic synergies is achieved by combining two innovative blocks in a single installation  - POX (partial oxidation)  from Gazohim Techno and a microchannel Fischer-Tropsch reactor from the Oxford Catalysts Group