Results of the Foundation’s Work for february 2013
The main results of the Fund "Skolkovo"

 Success Stories

Skolkovo participant Displair will present its innovative product at CeBit, the world's largest IT and telecom exhibition in Hanover;

PrimerLife announced the launch of a genetic social network;

The DО-RА project and Predicus (USA) signed a long-term contract on strategic partnership

News360 was recognized as the world's best startup at World Summit Award - Mobile Content

New Skolkovo Participants

In 2013 33 companies have received participant status; the total number of project participants is 857.

Key Events

On February 10, 2013, the international conference ROBOTICS was held in the cube, the focus of which was space, personal and service robotics.

On February 28, 2013, the first meeting of the Venture Fund Council, which includes the heads of 12 venture capital investors most actively collaborating with the Foundation, was held. The council was established to coordinate relations with the investor community and to synchronize the activities of the ecosystem with the goals of accredited venture capital funds.

On March 1 the KNS held its first meeting this year, during which it examined: the report on the activities of the Foundation, a report on the development strategy of Skoltech, approaches to assessing the success of participants, the report of the Grant Committee, the EE cluster, the working group on the interaction of the KNS and Biomed cluster.

The Skolkovo Start-up Village was announced, will start in May 2013

Increasing the quality of projects

40 participating companies were inspected for compliance with the rules of the project in early 2013.

The inspection resulted in the loss of membership status by 3 companies.

In connection with the approach to the target value for number of participants (1000 participants) starting from the second quarter of 2013 a mechanism to limit accepting new participants through higher demands for project quality will be implemented

Project Financing

In 2013. The Skolkovo Foundation approved the issuance of grants to participants for a total amount of 311 million rubles; the total sum of approved grants was  9.3 billion rubles.

Popularizing Entrepreneurship

March 1 was the beginning of the Road Show with development institutions, the goals of which are:

  • Searching for active leaders for building communication
  • Combining talent and resources from different cities
  • Promoting entrepreneurship in the regions
  • Promotion of projects for foreign investors
  • Involvement in the startup community of at least 500 participants in each city

The road show will visit 17 cities in Russia


Strategic Goal: Effectively manage the portfolio of innovative projects and guarantee their cooperation with each other and with key elements of the innovation ecosystem


KPIThe target valueResult on 28.02.2013

Management Commentary 

The number of applications for intellectual property created as a result of innovation at Skolkovo  (including matter subject to copyright).

100 12

In February seven applications for intellectual property rights were filed. Over 2 months, 12% of the target was reached. The largest number of applications were related to "Energy efficiency" (42%), "Information Technology" (33%), "Biomedical Technology" (25%).

The share of external co-financing for projects attracted by participants, in %

50% 44,4 %

44.4% - the total contribution of external co-investors with respect to the total estimates of innovative projects approved in 2013 to receive grant funding from the Foundation.
Since the beginning of the year, 5 grants were approved, two of which are stage 2, the requirements for co-financing of which, in accordance with the grant policy, is 50%, and 3 were stage 1, the co-financing requirement for which is 25%.


Strategic Goal: Use the skills and resources of partners to develop research infrastructure and support for participants in commercialization and integration of innovations from participating companies into global technological chains.


KPIThe target value

Result on 28.02.2013

Management Commentary

Number of jobs created  in R & D centers of key partners, the formation of which was agreed on at Skolkovo

500 286

The number of jobs in R & D centers increased by 42 due to the conclusion of agreements with Tatneft, Boeing and Samsung.

Collectively, the total number of jobs in the R & D centers will be 230 by 2015 .

In progress:  agreement with Transmashholding (total number of jobs by 2015 - 450).

The involvement of venture capitalists (VC):

The share of investments from accredited VCs of the total investment in participants with respect to the proportion of participants that have attracted external funding from partners,%

20 35

KPI is taken as the average of two indicators:

(1)The share of investments by accredited venture capital funds in the total amount of co-financing of participants. This indicator reflects the statistics of two months of work in 2013, and is 60.41%. The high value  was achieved by major investment by the fund Bioprocess, approved in early 2013.

(2)The share of participants supported by accredited foundations out of the total number of participants. This figure is 9.46% and corresponds to the average level of 11.9% in 2011-2012.


Strategic Goal: To complete the design and construction of the city, scheduled for 2013-2014.


Facility NamePlanned date for completion of the current phase *Status on 28.02.13Management Commentary
(including a new construction schedule in the event of deviations from the plan)
Scheduled date of completion
1. SkolTech Complex

Stage P –
July 2013

The project documentation is being prepared by companies Ove ARUP and Herzog & De Meuron

December 2012

2 .Technopark Complex

Stage P –
March 2013

Project documentation prepared by Valode et Pistre, passed into assessment. Selection  of a contractor for initial construction being carried out

October  2014.

3. Apart-Hotel**

Stage P –

Changing the functional purpose of the buildings from housing to apartment hotels necessitated the adjustment of technical tasks. The new deadline for completion of this stage is  April 2013, and the shift does not affect the timing of the completion of building

November 2014.

4. Offices and research centers

Entering operation – December 2012.

Complaints related to estimated project cost are being worked on, will enter into operation in March 2013

December 2012

5. Social infrastructure facilities

5.1. Family Campus

Stage P –
October 2013

Tasks for engineering design research prepared. Preparing for the selection of the design organization

October  2014.

5.2. Polyclinic

Stage P –
October 2013

Design tasks prepared. Preparing for the selection of the design organization

October  2014.

6. Central Zone

Stage P  –
September 2013

Design task prepared, selection for design organization being carried out

September 2014

7. Citywide systems engineering - technical support

7.1 Phase 1 “Bulvar”

End of Construction – December 2013

According to the schedule, construction being carried out by  Moskapstroy

March 2014.

7.2 Phase  2 “Parkway”

Stage P  –  March2013

   Design being developed by Gorinzhproekt, a portion of the documentation submitted for assessment

March 2014.

8. Complete landscaping and gardening

Stage P  –  September 2013

Design being developed by Gorinzhproekt

September 2015


Strategic Goal: To complete the design and construction of the city, scheduled for 2013-2014.



Target Value


Result on 28.02.2013

Management Commentary

The average time for taking decisions on or calendar days:

A) participant status with procedure for prior approval completed
B) status of the participant without prior approval
C) grants to participants

A) 40

B) 25

C) 50

A) 30

B) 27

C) 79

Deviation of actual results from the targets for decisions, are connected with the small number of applications received (4 for participant status, without prior approval, and 5 approved applications for receiving grant financing. On the other hand, a portion of applications were filed in the last days of 2012 and the consideration for them was completed only in 2013, which resulted in an increase of consideration time due to public holidays.

Compliance with the budget of the Foundation (excluding the budget for the construction of innovative city),%



Implementation of the budget on 28.02.2013 is 30% of the budget for 2 months because of the small number of working days in the January-February period .

Strategic Goal

To complete the design and construction of the city, scheduled for 2013-2014.


Strategic Goal: Ensure the provision of services by MIT


KPITarget Value

Result on 28.02.2013

Management Commentary

Ensure recruitment of professors, heads of research centers of Skoltech, with whom cooperation agreements have been signed



Two contracts are in the final stage of approval, and a pool of 25 candidates, with whom negotiations are underway, has been formed.

Ensure the formation of the structure of the Skoltech professional community

278 people.

 92 people.

The Skoltech payroll is at 33% of the resource plan for the number of employees by the end of 2013.

At the moment ,58% of the faculty and senior management  are foreign nationals.

Стратегическая цель: Создание нематериальной среды и проектирование социальной инфраструктуры, обеспечивающей появление инновационного сообщества Сколково и постоянный приток талантов извне



Target Value

Result on 28.02.2013

Management Commentary

Percentage of attracting new members in the online community (the ratio of registered accounts to the total number of unique visits),%



In December 2012 the figure was 1%. The growth of registrations in February was 674, which is projected to lead to the planned value (1.5%) in December 2013.


Dynamics of Participants Count


Current increase
new participants
from number of current participants
Actual number of participants
Dynamics of growth
members per day
cluster – every third member

Attracting project participants

The territorial scope of participants

Grants to Participants
Approved grants
mln. rub.
Transferred grants
mln. rub.
Grants approved and transferred by clusters in 2013, million rubles.
Approved 2013
Transferred 2013
Overall, 50 accreditation
agreements with venture funds
were signed,
totally amounting
to 20 billion rubles
Key Partners

Of the 30 key partners there are 17 major international companies planning to build R & D centers in the Innovation Center. The total number of staff in 2015 will amount to 1,618 people, and the amount of funds invested to 2015 will be more 16,711,313 thousand rubles


Number of key company partners of the Skolkovo foundation 30
The number of corporate R & D centers planned to be deployed in Skolkovo 25
Estimation of the number of employees in R & D centers in 2015, pers. 2689
Evaluation of the total budget of R & D centers by the end of 2015, mln. Rubles 27 845
Assessment of the current number of employees in R & D centers 286
The number of corporate venture capital funds financing Skolkovo participants (NAVI and Columbus Nova (GC "Renova»), Intel Capital (Intel))



The share of the total number of key stakeholder partners *

* Most of the key partners are developing in several different areas at once


List of key partners for the Foundation **

Nokia Corporation, KAMAZ, Siemens, RU-COM, Microsoft, OSK, EADS, HC "Composite", Ericsson, ISS im.Reshetneva, General Electric, AFK Systema, Nokia Siemens Networks, Renova, Cisco, Boeing, EMC, TNK-BP, Schneider Electric, State Corporation "Rosatom", Honeywell, Lukoil, Alstom, TATA, Intel, Johnson&Johnson, IBM, Samsung, SAP, Tatneft

** International companies shown in bold text

Most of the key partners are developing in several different areas at once

Registration of intellectual property items

Submitted orders






for utility patent

Applications for trademark registration

for software patent

Concluded patent searches
Received applications for the preparations of IP assets
Prepared applications for IP objects
Key Events in the Skolkovo Foundation


International Skolkovo Robotics conference was held in the Skolkobo Hypercube


Russian-American video conference "How to organize a startup“ held at the Skolkovo Technopark


The Skolkovo Foudnation and Cisco IBSG presented the results of a joint study: "Identifying and measuring the growth of the Russian economy depends on the degree of development of clusters"

A conference titled "Regenerative medicine in Russia" was held in the Hypercube


The Foundation Investment Service held an active working session tele-meeting at the tecnhopark with Skolkovo participants from St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg

A pitch-session and networking event attended by accredited venture capital funds was held for nineteen residents of the IT cluster

21.02 An event was hosted in the Hypercube: "Skolkovo and Special Economic Zones – determining the format of mutually beneficial cooperation in the commercialization of innovation"
Success Stories

    The Center for Applied Research of Computer Networks will receive a grant from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in the amount of 5 million rubles for the creation and development of a national platform of open source management software for managing software configurable networks (SCN)

    The main task of the center under this contract is an assessment of the possibility of using SCN technology to improve management of computer networks in data centers (DC)

    The result will be a prototype research tool for managing network resources and data flows in data centers based on the SCN approach with distributed network operating systems

    In the case of successful R & D, the result will be the first Russian switchboard for software-configurable networks (PKS), application development tools for PCB-based networks, systems for control and safety in PKS-based networks, intrusion detection for cloud platforms, means of virtualization of data systems for data centers and cloud computing

  • Intersoft Eurasia

    Intersoft Eurasia (operator of the DO-RA project) and U.S. company Predicus signed a long-term contract (10 years old) on strategic partnership

    The DO-RA project is a mobile radiometer on a mobile phone (smartphone) using a unique detector of hard alpha-, beta-and gamma-rays.The DO-RA control system  works with specially designed software packages and through a licensed operating system used by mobile devices

    The sensor is based on semiconductor detectors and may be built into the telephone circuit or used as an additional device. The latest version of the device works via USB-port, or remotely (via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi), thus creating a modular mobile dosimeter-radiometer

  • Gazohim Techno

    A series of documents for the ALLTECH group joining the  mini-GTL project (small-sized plant for processing into synthetic crude oil) Gazohim Techno. The partner brings to the project not only significant financial resources, but also key business-building expertise in the oil and gas industry

    A joint Russian-British project, in which the achievement of technological and economic synergies is achieved by combining two innovative blocks in a single installation  - POX (partial oxidation)  from Gazohim Techno and a microchannel Fischer-Tropsch reactor from the Oxford Catalysts Group 

    The purpose of the project is the commercialization of mini-GTL technology - Creating the world's first viable small-scale GTL plant , capable of  effectively monetizing the small gas resources from raw materials (associated petroleum gas, biogas, methane, natural gas, etc.)

  • News 360

    Participant of the Skolkovo Foundation News360  was voted the world's best startup at World Summit Award - Mobile Content

    News360 is a set of applications that exist for all popular tablets and smartphones that helps users find the most interesting and important news on the Internet. The application is built on the basis of its own analytical platform that allows the aggregation of articles from hundreds of thousands of online sources and sorted in accordance with the preferences of readers

    News360 has already been installed by more than 2 million people and is one of the most highly valued by users of news apps