Results of the Foundation’s Work for April 2013

Skolkovo startups


        Success Stories                                                                                         

"Center of Innovative Development of STM"

Skolkovo startup "Center of Innovative Development of STM (engaged in the creation of hybrid new generation locomotive) made a successful launch of the first locomotive on the Riga train station on 27th of April, 2012 





In April Skolkovo startup - "GazohimTehno" reached an agreement with JSC "Rosneft" to establish a joint venture focusing on design and construction of assemblies for the processing of natural and associated gases in a mixture of synthetic hydrocarbons 


 "Vist Group"


In May Skolkovo startup “Vist Group” held presentation within the planned IPO in 4th quarter, 2012 on the Russian Innovation and Investment stock market (RII). It is planning to sell up to 25% of company shares and attract up to 500 million rubles 


Skolkovo startup "DisplAir"  has signed an agreement with a group of accredited with Skolkovo investors. They invested 30 million rubles in production of interactive "air display" - a device for projecting three-dimensional high definition image in the air 


        Registration of IP                                                                    

24 applications for IP assets were submitted by Skolkovo startups in April - May


       Attraction and Selection                                                                             

  • 493 companies received participant status as of May 31st, 2012, including 100 for the April - May 2012 period




        Financing of startups                                                                               

  • 126 grants have been approved
  • 8,012 million RUR is the total amount of approved grants
  • During April – May, 2012 33 grants totaling 1,803 million RUR
  • 2,946 million RUR were transferred to startups from the moment of first grant approval
  • During April – May 581 million RUR were transferred to startups


Research and Education



  • The first intake for the student fellowship program has been completed
  • The pilot group consists now of 26 students, including  OpUS students
  • First 11 faculty founding professors began their work
  • The first contributions and commitment to contribute to SkTech endowment have been received in a total amount of 320 million rubles



  • One OpUS student was hired as an analyst at SkTech Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • One more project from OpUS student (Cash Management) became Skolkovo participant in Skolkovo IT cluster




Corporate Partners


      R&D centers                                                                               

  • The following companies signed agreements with the Foundation to establish R&D Centers in Skolkovo: KAMAZ, Microsoft, Hoheywell, Cisco 

  • 18 corporations signed agreements to establish R&D facilities at Skolkovo
  • 21,3 billion RUR the total amount of research projects’ budget
  • 2 119 the total number of employees of corporate research park





Shared facilities center "Microanalysis" was officially opened at the Technopark in a temporary building, business center "Ural“ on April, 18

Recruitment center was opened in Technopark at the end of May for provision recruitment services to participants

First of the three laboratories of CSF "Prototyping" was opened at the Technopark building on May, 15