Results of the Foundation’s Work for November 2012
Key performance indicators

Name of key performance indicatorTarget valueResults as of November 30% of completion

1. Total number of participants


749, of which 39 in November

2.  Number of applications for participant status

2 500

From  January 1 to  November 31, 2012 – 2,234 applications were received, of which 199 in November

3. Average decision making timeframes for providing grants, days:


A) Status of participant (with prior approval)

B) status of the participant (without prior approval)

C) grants to the participants
A) <45
B) <31
C) <100

А) 40 days
Б) 29 days

В) 61 days

Decision making timeframes, days

4. Number of grants approved for issuance 120

In 2012 – 91 grants were approved, of which 9 in November

5. Amount of grants approved for issuance, million rubles 6 300

In 2012 – 2,992.1 million rubles are approved for issuance, of which 240 million rubles in November

6. Total volume of grants, transferred by the Foundation, million rubles  4 921

During 2012, the Foundation transferred grants in the amount of 2,547.9 million rubles, of which 200.7 million rubles in November

7. Average share of co-financing  40%

Share of co-financing under grant agreements of 2012 amounts to 37%,  including Center for Applied Research, 42% excluding Center for Applied Research

8. Number of applications for registration of intellectual property items 100

During 11 months of 2012 – 131 applications for intellectual property items were received, of which 18 applications in November

9. Efficiency of equipment usage 50%

Loading of operational equipment came to 30%

10. Number of common use centers and  computer-based training centers created 


Common use centers are created for:

• Microanalysis
• Prototyping (4 laboratories)
• Optoelectronics

11. Percentage of participants who use Technopark services  50%

Business coaches work with 81 participants, signed 37 contracts for SSC

12. Technopark services income, million rubles  > 49

17,7 million rubles, of which 3.7 million rubles in November

13. Number of students (full-time/network programs)

250 / 2 500

Total number of students of Skolkovo Open University (SOU) in Moscow, Tomsk,

Saint-Petersburg – 220

Students of  Skolkovo Open University are attracted for full-time and online study:

6,700 – participants of SOU events,

25,500 – viewers of online broadcasts,

20,100 – video viewings

14. Percentage of students involved in the Skolkovo ecosystem  25

23 students became members or employees of the companies participating in the Project’s implementation

15. The number of SkolTech research centers  3

Agreed on the main provisions of the Agreement on the formation of centers defined financial parameters of their work 

16. Size of special-purpose capital fund, billion rubles 16,5

Contributions and written commitments were received in the amount of 1.9 billion rubles, including contributions in the amount of 1.6 billion rubles

17. Number of schools included in the Association  10

In the founding document of Association be amended as proposed by the Ministry of Justice Moscow

18. Implementation of the concept of the school development in accordance with the plan for the year 2012  100%

A draft of the statement of work for the purchase and adaptation of the ready architectural design of the Family Campus in D2 Region

19. Amount of space put in commission, square meters  6 136

Hypercube building is built and opened with an area of??7,000 sq. m.

20. Compliance with the budget for the construction of the city


billion rubles

Volume of commitments paid and signed for performance in 2012 amounts to 9,397 million rubles, including 4,813 million rubles paid (of which 99 and 1 364 million respectively in November)

21. Implementation of the budget of the Foundation

42,326 million rubles

Volume of commitments paid and signed for performance in 2012 amounts to 22,625 million rubles, including 11,705 million rubles paid (of which 527 and 1,364 million rubles respectively in November)

22. Amount of attracted commitments in the part of corporate investments in the participant companies, million rubles

1 500

An agreement on the establishment of an investment fund with the Johnson & Johnson and ChemRar Ventures was signed (funding of 14 million dollars from each during 3 years). Microsoft decided to establish a seed investments fund for Skolkovo participants, contributions amounted to 79 million rubles.

23. Number of research and development centers, the agreements on the deployment that were signed

20 (8 of them in 2012)

22 companies made decisions to establish research and development centers (10 of them in 2012)

24. Number of employees of research and development centers (commitments of key partners)  2 000

Total number of staff of corporate research park has reached 2,459 people

25. Floor space of ?? research and development centers, on the lease of which binding agreements were signed, sq. m.  > 15 000

In accordance with the Construction Program of the Foundation research and development centers are built by third-party investors


Dynamics of Participants Count


Current increase
new participants
from number of current participants
Actual number of participants
Dynamics of growth
members per day
cluster – every third member

Attracting project participants

Grants approved and transferred by clusters in 2012, million rubles.
Approved 2012
Transferred 2012
Grants to Participants
Approved grants
mln. rub.
Transferred grants
mln. rub.
Decision making timelines
to grant the status of Skolkovo Participant and to get grant financing
To receive a grant 61 calendar days
To become a participant without preliminary approval 29 calendar days
With preliminary approval calendar days 40
Success Stories
  • Hemacore

    HemaCore participant company starts selling instruments for blood coagulation diagnostics.

    Igor Pivovarov, Director General of HemaCore:

    "The announcement of the start of sales means that we begin to accept applications and to enter the bidding. Now anyone interested can file an application for the purchase of such instrument. Generally, the purchase of such instrument is a tender and I think that by the end of the year the first tenders will have been closed“.

    The instrument is created based on the developments of Russian scientists, it has no equivalents in the world, and allows to diagnose blood clotting disorders at early stages and to identify the risks of bleeding and thrombosis.

    Quantity of people in Russia suffering from various blood diseases is about 700 thousand people. Because of premature deaths from cardiovascular disease, according to the WHO, the loss of Russia's GDP over the period of 2005-2015 can make 8 trillion RUB. At the first stage, the company is planning to collect up to 100 instruments and make 50 thousand tests per year. It is assumed that by 2015 the market share of HemaCore will reach 8% and the revenue will constitute 890 million RUB.


    The results of 2012 Runet  Awards were summed up. The winner in the sector of Electronic State in the information society is a Russian educational project - is a free closed electronic document management system for educational institutions, which combines the functions for education and communication (electronic diary, class register, schedule, reporting). is supported by the RF Ministry of Education and Science. As of May 2012, the network has more than 3.8 million users. An important feature of the project is to ensure safe storage and use of data for educational institutions certified according to K2 standard under ФЗ-152 On Personal Data. occupies 82% of the real market and 39% of the potential market. By scale and functionality, the project has no competitors in Russia. The global competitive projects are Moodle, Blackboard, Schoology, Edmodo.

  • AlterGeo

    AlterGeo participant company has become a laureate of the prestigious international award Bully Award 2012.

    AlterGeo is a developer of hybrid positioning and  navigation technology with Wi-Fi, WiMAX, GSM, IP, and some other parameters, and a creator of the eponymous geosocial service on the basis of that solution. AlterGeo geolocation algorithms are used to determine the location of users of sites and mobile applications, as well as for geotargeting of online advertising.

    AlterGeo geolocation system daily positions over 30 million units, serving more than 170 million locations, and also includes: server location algorithms, a database of more than 110 million unique Wi-Fi / GSM / WiMAX / CDMA points with coordinates around the world.

    The world market of geotargeted advertising in 2011 was estimated by Berg Insight as 192 million EUR (5% of the entire mobile advertising market), and it is increasing according to the agency on average by 90.9% per year, and in 2016 it will reach 4.9 billion EUR (28.3% of the entire mobile advertising market).

  • Choister

    Choister is a platform for aggregating, structuring and enrichment of data with updates in real time. The platform allows collecting multi-format data from various sources, implementing smart-search on these data, interlinking of data and connecting it to social graph, enriching data, and improving its quality, displaying data in different formats, subscribing to query and monitoring of information sources in real time.

    The main difference of Choister from traditional search engines is that the user receives not a list of links to resources that should be checked manually, but information in readable form (table, chart, graph, diagram). This allows saving up to 90% of time normally spent on search.

    Founder and Managing Director of Choister Alexey Nizovskikh:

    "Our near-term plans are to expand the geography of search to the whole Russia, CIS, and foreign countries".

Registration of intellectual property items

Submitted orders






for utility patent

Applications for trademark registration

for software patent

Concluded patent searches
Received applications for the preparations of IP assets
Prepared applications for IP objects
Overall, 49 accreditation
agreements with venture funds
were signed,
totally amounting
to 19,6 billion rubles
Key Events in the Skolkovo Project in November

31.10 – 02.11

Open Innovations International Forum.

Skolkovo Foundation, RUSNANO JSC and Rosstandart signed an agreement for establishment of the Innovation Standardization Center.

Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (SkolTech) signed cooperation agreements in the area of science, technology and education with Uralvagonzavod Scientific and Production Corporation JSC, Oboronprom United Industrial Corporation JSC and Intel.

At the Conference Skolkovo – 24 (IT) Ideas for Future, the Information Technology Cluster presented the results of their work for two years.


The delegation of the Republic of Kazakhstan headed by the Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov visited Skolkovo


Cooperation agreement between Skolkovo Foundation and Transmashholding is signed


Conference in Hypercube: Future of cellular and regenerative medicine in Skolkovo


2012 Runet Award: IT-Cluster of Skolkovo Foundation awarded for contribution in Runet development

21.11 – 22.11 

Participants of Skolkovo took part in the forum of European startups - Slush – in Helsinki.

Stand of the Foundation was visited by the Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen.

Skolkovo Technopark signed an agreement with Startup Sauna (well-known Finnish company) for development of innovative economy. 


Discussion in Hypercube: Creative environment: Interaction of Innovators and State


International Activities

  • Conducting and preparing a number of events:

  1. participation in SelectUSA investment forum held under the auspices of the RSPP SelectUSA
  2. organization of the visit of young politicians and businessmen from the United States to Technopark in the framework of the round table called Innovative business in Russia. Prospects of Russian-American cooperation
  3. meeting with representatives of Prince Michael of Kent on the subject of cooperation in the field of energy efficiency
  4. negotiations with operators and organizers of the world's key events for coordination of preconditions of the Foundation’s participation therein in 2013
  • Participation in the regional event of the World Economic Forum in India
  1. As a part of the event, meetings and talks were held with key target audiences
  2. Meeting with the representative of Tata Group and preparation of the agenda for a meeting of the Foundation President with the representatives of the Group
Skolkovo Technopark

Equipment supply for participants (common use center, computer education center):

  • 38 orders performed, including key partner’s order (Siemens)
  • Order for additional equipment of Machining laboratory formed and executed


Providing an office for participants:

  • Accommodation of finalists of Be the first in Skolkovo! competition to Hypercube is continued


Plan for December:

  • Supply of equipment of Machining laboratory (Prototyping common use center)
  • Completion of construction work and installation of the second-stage equipment of Microanalysis common use center (200 m2)
  • Making new agreements for premises lease in the Ural and Hypercube buildings, visa and migration support, headhunting by HR Center using Skolkovo website, services of Business Trainers, operation of Accountants School, launching the Duty Business Trainer Service, information support of Skolkovo project by Reference Information Consulting Center of Technopark
  • Making new agreements for participation in Skolkovo Technopark seminars and trainings, new agreements for participation in international programs
Creating complex «SkTech»


Results for November:


  • Submission for approval of facade solutions of the Eastern Ring of Skoltech

Preparation work:

  • Completion of the work and receipt of the final version of the technical report on engineering and geological surveys


Plan for December:


  • Completion of development and receipt of Documents Set 1 for approval
Creating complex «Technopark»


Results for November:


  • Received Documents on SET2 - Preparation and excavation are reviewed. Designer is working on comments.


Plan for December:


  • Completion of design and estimates for Technopark Complex and submission for expertise

Preparation work:

  • Holding a competition for preparation work
Development of the Education System in Skolkovo

Results of Skoltech project development for November:

  • The first stage of the second round of the formation of the Centers of Science, Innovation and Education (CSIE) is completed, more than 140 pre-applications received from international teams of researchers. Among the applicants - two
  • Nobel laureates
  • Admission campaign for 2013-2014 school year continues. As of 01.12, 393 applications are received for 50 places
  • Contributions are received in Skoltech endowment, which reached 1.58 billion RUB
  • Agreements were reached and signed on cooperation and joint research with UAC SC, United Aircraft Corporation, Energia Rocket and Space Corporation, Helicopters of Russia JSC, Rosatom SC


Results of SOU project development for November:

  • In Voronezh and Krasnoyarsk, traveling festival of contemporary scientific cinema entitled 360° was organized by SOU, Skolkovo Foundation and the Polytechnical Museum
  • By invitation of SOU, Mr. Baldinucci, Vice President for strategy and development of new companies in Singularity University, lectured and held meetings with startupers in St. Petersburg, Tomsk and Voronezh
  • Together with Rusnano, public lectures and panel discussions were held aimed at dissemination of successful experience of using e-learning in the field of technology and entrepreneurship
  • As a part of SOU program BioMedTech, open lectures were given by Lord Darzi, head of the Department of Surgery, Paul Hamlin at Imperial College London, Raymond McCauley, Head of the Biotechnology & Bioinformatics Chair, Singularity University, D.A. Sychev, Professor of I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, G.Chilov, Director General of MolTech
  • On 24.11, Partnership projects, Open University webinar was held, on 28.11 - Presentation of SOU and Skolkovo biomedical technology cluster at I International Youth Forum of Medical Sciences - MedWAYS
  • There were lectures and seminars, including such directions as Intellectual Property, risk management, Push your project, Partnership Project of Microsoft University, etc.


Plan of SOU project development for November:

  • TEDxSkolkovo Partnership project, December 15 in Hypercube
  • Common Express school with Microsoft in Tomsk and St.-Petersburg to prepare for Imagine Cup competition
  • Finals of joint competitions Startup Year (HSE), InnoWay (Joffe PTI and Hevel)

Innovation City Construction

Results for November:

  • Completion of construction of temporary roads and networks for mechanization of construction and assembly work
  • Approval of the new options of the Central Zone
  • Submission for approval of facade solutions of the Eastern Ring of Skoltech


Plan for December:

  • Completion of the development of Technopark construction documents and transfer for examination
  • Approval of the transport scheme within Finmarkt area planning project
  • Work on land parcels evaluating and surveying to make lease contracts with the Russian Railways and Avtodor
Creating a citywide system engineering supportс


Results for November

Bolshoi Boulevard:

  • At the Boulevard section of 2,800 m in length, in a trench, they made a mat and reinforcement of foundation and walls of the collector
  • At the section of 3,000 m in length, they completed trenching for the collector and storm water sewage, construction of the base pipe of rain water runoff

Project of site preparation:

  • Major works performed by 97%


Plan for December

Bolshoi Boulevard:

  • Laying a storm water runoff networks with well digging on started sites
  • Completion of cable collectors installation at 2.3 m building sites
  • Laying of sanitary sewer network on the 2nd building site

Project of site preparation:

  • Completion of commissioning and putting into service of the security equipment for fencing of the construction site and check-point
Information about Skolkovo in the Media

Quantity of messages on Skolkovo Foundation in November


In November, the quantity of messages and references to the Foundation:

reduced, while the total number of positive messages increased – on the radio (45%), in information agencies (24%); less important -  on TV (12%), in printed media (10%), in the Internet (4%)


TopicDateQuantity of messages
Skolkovo Foundation – one of organizers of Moscow International Forum Open Innovations 31.10-02.11 414
Skolkovo Foundation, RUSNANO JSC and Rosstandart signed an agreement for establishment of the Innovation Standardization Center 31.10 39
Skoltech made cooperation agreements with Intel, Oboronprom and Uralvagonzavod 01.11 28
Microsoft opens a new direction in Skolkovo R&D Center. 06.11 54
Head of Government  of the Republic of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov visited Skolkovo Innovative City 13.11 61
Dmitry Medvedev  invited Prime Minister of Finland Jyrki Katainen to visit Skolkovo 14.11 61
Skolkovo Foundation established a special nomination in the contest Web Ready: Internet&Mobile 20.11 59
IT-Cluster of Skolkovo Foundation awarded for contribution in Runet development 22.11 47


Tone of messages about Skolkovo Foundation in November

Period of disclosure in media Quantity of messages Main subject Nature of messages
Negative Positive Neutral
September 3 018 1 291  60  423 2 535
October 3 624 1 209  18  362 3 244
November 3 309 1 016  52  479 2 778


  • Share of messages about Skolkovo Foundation as the main subject in November was 31% (in October - 33%, in September - 42.7%)
  • Negative messages – 2% (October – 0.5%, September - 2%)
  • Results: 14% of positive messages in the total number (messages about the results of work, agreements, cooperation, organization of events, etc.) (October - 10%, September - 14%)
Key Partners