Results of the Foundation’s Work for October 2012
Key performance indicators

Name of key performance indicatorTarget valueResults as of October 31% of completion

1. Total number of participants


710, of which 37 in October

2.  Number of applications for participant status

2 500

From  January 1 to  October 31, 2012 – 2,035 applications were received, of which 211 in September

3. Average decision making timeframes for providing grants, days:


A) Status of participant (with prior approval)

B) status of the participant (without prior approval)

C) grants to the participants
A) <45
B) <31
C) <100

А) 42 дня
Б) 29 дней

В) 55 дня

Decision making timeframes, days

4. Number of grants approved for issuance 120

In 2012 – 82 grants were approved, of which 4 in October

5. Amount of grants approved for issuance, million rubles 6 300

In 2012 – 2,752.1 million rubles are approved for issuance, of which 63.1 million rubles in October

6. Total volume of grants, transferred by the Foundation, million rubles  4 921

During 2012, the Foundation transferred grants in the amount of 2,347.6 million rubles, of which 162.9 million rubles in September

7. Average share of co-financing  40%

Share of co-financing under grant agreements of 2012 amounts to 36%,  including Center for Applied Research, 41% excluding Center for Applied Research

8. Number of applications for registration of intellectual property items 100

During 10 months of 2012 – 113 applications for intellectual property items were received, of which 19 applications in October

9. Efficiency of equipment usage 50%

Loading of operational equipment came to 30%

10. Number of common use centers and  computer-based training centers created 


Common use centers are created for:

• Microanalysis
• Prototyping (4 laboratories)
• Optoelectronics

11. Percentage of participants who use Technopark services  50%

Business coaches work with 81 participants, 14 events took place in October 

12. Technopark services income, million rubles  > 49

14 million rubles, of which 5.5 million rubles in September

13. Number of students (full-time/network programs)

250 / 2 500

Total number of students of Skolkovo Open University (SOU) in Moscow, Tomsk,

Saint-Petersburg – 220

Students of  Skolkovo Open University are attracted for full-time and online study:

6,700 – participants of SOU events,

25,500 – viewers of online broadcasts,

20,100 – video viewings

14. Percentage of students involved in the Skolkovo ecosystem  25

23 students became members or employees of the companies participating in the Project’s implementation

15. The number of SkolTech research centers  3

15. The number of SkolTech research centers 

16. Size of special-purpose capital fund, billion rubles 16,5

Contributions and written commitments were received in the amount of 1.9 billion rubles, including contributions in the amount of 0.46 billion rubles

17. Number of schools included in the Association  10

Constituent documents of the Association were agreed with the Legal Department of the Foundation, sent for registration to the Ministry of Justice

18. Implementation of the concept of the school development in accordance with the plan for the year 2012  100%

A draft of the statement of work for the purchase and adaptation of the ready architectural design of the Family Campus in D2 Region

19. Amount of space put in commission, square meters  6 136

Hypercube building is built and opened with an area of​​7,000 sq. m.

20. Compliance with the budget for the construction of the city


billion rubles

Volume of commitments paid and signed for performance in 2012 amounts to 9,298 million rubles, including 3,979 million rubles paid (of which 3,363 and 260 million respectively in September)

21. Implementation of the budget of the Foundation

42,326 million rubles

Volume of commitments paid and signed for performance in 2012 amounts to 22,098 million rubles, including 10,341 million rubles paid (of which 3,846 and 1,040 million rubles respectively in September)

22. Amount of attracted commitments in the part of corporate investments in the participant companies, million rubles

1 500

An agreement on the establishment of an investment fund with the Johnson & Johnson and ChemRar Ventures was signed (funding of 14 million dollars from each during 3 years). Microsoft decided to establish a seed investments fund for Skolkovo participants, contributions amounted to 79 million rubles.

23. Number of research and development centers, the agreements on the deployment that were signed

20 (8 of them in 2012)

22 companies made decisions to establish research and development centers (10 of them in 2012)

24. Number of employees of research and development centers (commitments of key partners)  2 000

Total number of staff of corporate research park has reached 2,459 people

25. Floor space of ​​ research and development centers, on the lease of which binding agreements were signed, sq. m.  > 15 000

In accordance with the Construction Program of the Foundation research and development centers are built by third-party investors


Dynamics of Participants Count


Current increase
new participants
from number of current participants
Actual number of participants
Dynamics of growth
members per day
cluster – every third member

Attracting project participants

Grants approved and transferred by clusters in 2012, million rubles.
Approved 2012
Transferred 2012
Grants to Participants
Approved grants
mln. rub.
Transferred grants
mln. rub.
Decision making timelines
to grant the status of Skolkovo Participant and to get grant financing
To receive a grant 55 calendar days
To become a participant without preliminary approval 29 calendar days
With preliminary approval calendar days 42
Success Stories
  • Optogan

    The Optogan company launched the production of the LED module Optogan X10, developed jointly with the Skolkovo Innovation Center, patented development is unique in the world market.

    “Optogan. New Light Technologies” aims to make a breakthrough transition from a single LED (which is already implemented in the technology “Chip-on-board”) to an integrated lighting system.

    There is no direct analogue for the Optogan X10 module in the world.

    The world market of LED lighting technology in 2011 reached 8.1 billion U.S. dollars, at that, the market share of LED lighting amounted to 6% of the total market of ambient lighting in the world.

  • Elbrus Technologies

    Russian engineers from the company Elbrus Technologies are working on the creation of a binary translator that allows the running of applications for traditional desktop and server processors on energy-efficient chips.

    The technology of program transfer of the binaries from the x86 architecture to ARM.

    A growing number of companies, including Applied Micro, Calxeda, Cavium, Marvell, NVIDIA and Samsung, aim to force the Intel/AMD processors out of the market with solutions based on ARM, having usually much lower power consumption (and thus far – better performance).

    Cloud services, data centers and clusters, built on the latest servers using ARM architecture.

  • Toytemic

    Toytemic Company Presentation was listed among the Top-50 in the Pioneers Festival.

    This is an integrated applied technology, providing the formation and development of wireless networks mobile and self-moving devices in the area of self-propelled personal action (up to 10 m), as well as the management of any of these devices or a group of randomly selected devices with the help of a single simple remote control.

    The “Strategy-on-carpet” Project is a self-organizing sensor network with actuated parts that is able to not only connect “everyone with everyone”, but also to determine the mutual disposition and orientation in the environment.

    The main market is the game market, which according to the experts reached 125 billion U.S. dollars in 2011.

  • RealSpeaker Lab

    RealSpeaker Lab Company has created the most accurate speech recognizer in the world.

    RealSpeaker is an implementation of a system which would allow the human and the computer to communicate remotely in the most natural way – with the use of voice. At that, the system will independently create an individual portrait of a human on the basis of the history of voice calls, which will allow the program to provide personalized advice and tips.

    The first results of the test showed that the speech recognition accuracy of the RealSpeaker video plug-in is better than Google Speech Input.

    According to the research of TechNavio, only 15-20% of the potential of speech recognition market is currently being used.

    At that, 70% of the market for speech recognition falls within the countries of North America. Total cost estimate for speech  technologies  in the world in 2010 was predicted by TechNavio in the amount of  613 million U.S. dollars, and in 2013, the market for speech recognition will reach 933 million U.S. dollars (with a growth rate of 15% per year).

Registration of intellectual property items

Submitted orders






for utility patent

Applications for trademark registration

for software patent

Concluded patent searches
Received applications for the preparations of IP assets
Prepared applications for IP objects
Overall, 47 accreditation
agreements with venture funds
were signed,
totally amounting
to 18,8 billion rubles
By the way:

Cleantech Pitch Session & Investor Networking Event held on October 10, 2012, according to the participants of the investment market, has become the first major event of such a kind for investors in Russian cleantech startups.

Key Events in the Skolkovo Project in October


The Third International Scientific-Practical Conference, with the assistance of Skolkovo Foundation, entitled  “Immunophysiology: autoimmunity in health and disease and issues of predictive-preventive medicine” was held


Opening of the 2nd International Festival of Contemporary Scientific Movie 360°


The business program “Global Innovation Partnership” took place in Hypercube 


The Vice-President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for Europe and Eurasia, Gary Litman, became acquainted with Skolkovo Technopark and Hypercube


A joint workshop of the Skolkovo Open University and Information Technology Cluster entitled “Skolkovo – to the participants. The participants – to Skolkovo” was held
The meeting in the Government on establishing cultural centers in Russian regions


Pitch session of the Skolkovo Energy Efficient Technologies Cluster was held in the  Digitaloctober Center


In the Skolkovo Hypercube an expert session on the effectiveness of state institutes of development took place 


Skolkovo Foundation took part in the Global Energy Prize Summit


In the Skolkovo Technopark the investment session VC Day took place


The third meeting of the Industrial Advisory Board of the Skolkovo Foundation was held In the Skolkovo Hypercube, the Russian-American Presidential Commission took place 


International activity

  • A number of meetings and negotiations were prepared and conducted, including:

    • the meeting with the President of the Foundation with Prince Michael of Kent for discussion about the interaction of the Foundation with English companies
    • the meeting with Nazarbayev University for discussion about the cooperation and exchange of experience
    • negotiations with Technology Pioneers, World Economic Forum – in order to involve the energy efficient technologies cluster in the work of the board, and to discuss the possible inclusion of Skolkovo startups 

Skolkovo Technopark

Providing participants with equipment (common use centers and computer-based training centers)

  • 10 orders were completed, including the order of the key partner (Siemens)
  • 3D “Prototyping” laboratory was equipped


Providing participants with the office:

  • The housing of the finalists of the contest “Be the first at Skolkovo!” in Hypercube continues


Plan for November:

  • To equip the “Machining” laboratory (common use center “Prototyping”) in full
  • The conclusion of new agreements for leasing premises in the Ural building and in the Hypercube building, visa and migration support, recruitment by efforts of the Personnel Center and by using the Skolkovo site, services of business coaches, activity of the “School of accountants”, the launching of the service “Business coach on duty”, information support of the Skolkovo project by efforts of Technopark Reference and Information Consulting Center
  • The conclusion of new agreements for participation in workshops and training at the Skolkovo Techopark, new agreements on participation in international programs

Development of the Education System in Skolkovo

Results of the development of the SkolTech project for October:

  • A meeting of the supervisory board of SkolTech took place. SkolTech operating plan WAS approved for 2013, the parameters of the compensation of personnel, the provisions on the committees of the Board
  • The basic provisions of the general agreement on the establishment of the Centers of Science, Education and Innovation of SkolTech are agreed upon and approved
  • Negotiations were rounded out and parameters of research work and funding are agreed upon with partner universities (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Vavilov Institute of General Genetics, Groningen University Medical Center, Southwest Div. of the University of Texas)
  • New contributions to the SkolTech special-purpose capital were obtained, the amount of which reached 460 million rubles.
  • Agreements on cooperation and joint research work with Oboronprom OJSC, UralVagonZavod OJSC, Rostelecom OJSC, and Intel were concluded within the framework of activity of the advisory industry groups


Results of the development of the SOU project for October:

  • The 2nd festival of the contemporary scientific movie 360°, organized by SOU, Skolkovo Foundation and the Polytechnical Museum, took place
  • The conference Data Science Summit Russia 2012 was held together with HSE and EMC
  • The seminar "Skolkovo – to the participants! The participants – to Skolkovo!” was held jointly with the IT Cluster
  • The announcement was made of the results of competition of scientific papers “Avant-garde of Knowledge”, which was held in partnership with the SOU, and panel discussions on the optimization of innovative development of Russian scientists in the field of medicine were held
  • The programs of SOU “BioMedTekh”, “Push your project”, “Risk Management” were launched
  • Lectures and seminars on various topics, including the concept “Intellectual Property”, partnership project of Microsoft University, etc.

Innovation City Construction

Results for October:

  • The design works and preparatory works on blocks of apartments and social infrastructure (blocks 9-11 and 14 of D2 District) have started
  • The main construction volume of temporary roads and networks for mechanization of construction/installation activities was completed
  • The main volume of the preparatory works on the territory of Skolkovo Innovation Center was completed
  • Reinforcement and grouting of the foundation and walls of the reservoir at 3 building sites of Boulevard were completed
  • Trenching and laying storm water drain network on the site, with a length of 1,800 m.


Plan for November:

  • To continue preparatory works on blocks of apartments and social infrastructure (blocks 9-11 and 14 of D2 District),
  • To continue laying storm water drain networks with the arrangement of wells at 2nd and 3rd building sites of Bolshoy Boulevard
  • To continue installation of cable collectors at 2nd and 3rd building sites
  • To complete equipping of checkpoints with technical security equipment (TSE)

Engineering and Transport Infrastructure Development


Results for October 

Bolshoy Boulevard:

  • The installation of concrete bedding and reinforcement of the collector base frame and walls were conducted in the trench in the area of the Boulevard in the length of 1,800 m.
  • Engineering documentation on the Boulevard was released for construction in full
  • Trenching for collector and storm water sewage, construction of the base of storm water drainage pipe was completed in the area, of ​​a length of 2,470 m.

Site preparation design:

  • Main works are 90% completed


Plan for November

Bolshoy Boulevard:

  • Continuation of development and release of engineering documentation on engineering networks and roads outside the Boulevard
  • Continuation of laying storm sewer networks with well digging on the sites where it was started
  • Continuation of installation of cable collectors at the 2nd and 3rd building sites

Site preparation design:

  • Completion of the construction of fencing around the construction site and equipping checkpoints with technical security equipment
Construction of Blocks of Suites Hotels and Social Infrastructure


Results for October


  • Works on the development of project documentation of the “PD” stage on block Nos. 9, 10, 11 and 14 of D2 District was begun

Preparatory works:

  • Works on the construction of temporary roads and sites for temporary construction camp and storing of materials were conducted
  • Preparation of the base of temporary roads
  • The temporary fencing around the construction site
  • Performing engineering studies


Plan for November


  • Continuation of development of project documentation of the “PD” stage on block Nos. 9, 10, 11 and 14 of D2 District

Preparatory works:

  • Continuation of the construction of temporary roads and sites for temporary construction camp and storing of materials;
  • Construction of the temporary fencing around the construction site;
  • Performing engineering studies

Information about Skolkovo in the Media

The number of articles about the Skolkovo Foundation in October 2012


In October the number of articles and mentions about the Foundation:

  • Increased on the radio (by 60%), on the Internet (by 25%), in information agencies (by 20%) and in print media (by 4%)
  • Reduced on the television (by 18%)


ThemeDateNumber of articles

M. Zuckerberg’s visit to Russia - the discussion of the possibility of cooperation with Skolkovo

01- 02.10


Conference “Innovations in the space industry” in Krasnoyarsk



Skolkovo Foundation, Rusnano and RVC will create a “black list” of innovators



Meeting in the Government on the establishment of cultural centers in Russian regions



Opening of the Russian Innovation Week



Discussion on “Perpetual motor: from science fiction to the innovation of the century”



Third international forum “Global Innovation Partnership 2012”

02 - 04.10





Tonality of articles about the Skolkovo Foundation in October 2012

Period of media coverage Number of articles Main theme Tonality of articles
Negative Positive Neutral
August 2 373 953  135  668 1 570
September 3 018 1 291  60  423 2 535
October 3 624 1 209  18  362 3 244


  • The number of articles about the Skolkovo Foundation, as about the main theme, amounted to 33% (September - 42.7%, and August - 40.1%)
  • Negative messages - 0.5% (September - 2%, August - 5.8%)
  • 10% of the positive articles of the total number: articles about the results of work, agreements, cooperation, organization of events, etc. (September - 14%, and August - 27.5%)