• Nikolay Grachev

  • In 1999, Nikolay graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance (FINEC), and in 2004 he graduated from the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU Berlin) and London School of Economics (LSE).

    He began his working career as a business-analyst in the German company Venturepark Incubator AG in 2000. There he studied business plans of startups and analyzed markets. In 2001 Nikolay was appointed as a consultant of the Berlin branch of McKinsey&Company, where he was responsible for intellectual property sourcing. He also provided advice to the leading German diversified holding in the merger and takeover projects and took part in the development of the sales boost programme for the German’s largest retail bank.

    At the same time he conducted the research on demand of the International Institute of Strategic Studies. To be more precise, Mr. Grachev analyzed strategic consequences of the Russian energy projects in North-East Asia.

    Before entering the Skolkovo Foundation Nikolay worked in the consulting firm Roland Berger Strategy Consultants (Russia). Since 2005 he had been its partner and Head of the sector-specialized centre "Energy and oil and gas industry" in Russia and CIS.

    Mr. Grachev’s professional duties included clients attraction, team development, marketing, implementation of projects for Russian and foreign customers: from policy design for energy and oil companies to reorganization of major energy holdings and increase in operational efficiency.

    In oil & gas sector Nikolay possesses the huge know-how base in such fields as oil processing, commerce of petroleum and oil products, retail sale of oil products. In the field of power industry he is an expert in generation and power transmission segments. As for his personal abilities, Nikolay speaks English and German fluently.