• Mikhail Dubina

  • Chief of Laboratory of the Academic University, Scientific-Educational Centre of Nanotechnologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • He was born on January 31, 1972, in Leningrad.

    In 1995 he graduated from Therapeutic department of Saint-Petersburg State Medical University (SPbGMU) named after Academician I.P.Pavlov (Saint-Petersburg), then conducted scientific work in the same university and in Saint-Petersburg Physics and Technology Science and Education centre (SPbFTNOC) of RAS.

    In 1998 he defended Ph.D. thesis "Paraneoplastic changes of thrombogenic properties and permeability of microvasculature vessels", in 2004 he defended doctoral thesis "New pathogenetic approach to early diagnostics and surgical treatment of colorectal cancer".

    In 2008 he was elected associate member of RAS in Nanotechnologies and information technologies department of RAS (field "nanobiotechnology").