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The project is aimed at developing and commercializing biodegradable endovascular stents. Biodegradable stents restore blood flow in a vessel like metal stents but completely dissolve in 12 months. The vessel, free from the metal burden, restores its natural functions including movement.


Biodegradable stents which restore blood flow and completely dissolve in the body may significantly increase the coronary stent market. According to research and consulting firm Global Data, global market estimates for bioabsorbable stents (scaffolds) will reach $2.1 bln by 2021 with CAGR of 42.1%.


Biosten LLC is established to develop biodegradable implants and commercialize the results of its R&D. The core of the company is comprised of experts in the field of biopolymers, biomedical technologies, medical device development, and includes top managers of international biomedical projects.The company developed a patented and patent-pending biodegradable stent prototype which has passed trials for biosafety.

Investment opportunities

Biosten LLC plans to attract additional financing in 2015 for preclinical trials of its biodegradable stents. 

Team [8]

Egor Vladimirovich Lukyanov
Egor Vladimirovich Lukyanov

Mentor of project "Development of bioresorbable endovascular...

Michael Evgenevich Popov
Michael Evgenevich Popov

CEO Biosten LLC., Ph.D.

Aleksey Borisovich Drugov
Aleksey Borisovich Drugov

Head of Transfer Technology Department

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