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T-smart LLC is a subsidiary of Tradition Group of Companies. Tradition Group is a holding company which also includes Tradition-Media CJSC and Bit Tradition GmbH. Tradition Group manages all the activity of the Group's members, including intellectual property management to which the Group holds all the rights. To learn more about the group, visit http://eng.tradition.ru


Company's product line falls into the telemedical market niche. The global telemedical market in 2010 was 6,5 billion US dollars; by 2012 it was projected to reach 8 billion US dollars. Market annual growth rate was estimated to be 11%. Existing and potential customers include: Russian segment: government and private companies, public organizations and private individuals - mostly travellers and businessmen who require qualified medical aid at any point on Earth. Foreign segment: Brazil, S.Africa, Kazakhstan (all those countries where the dispersal of medical establishments with highly qualified and technological medical aid is highly uneven throughout the country). Competitors include manufacturers of telemedical equipment and software. Foreign competitors include Adi Tech Srl, Aethra, IWT Solutions, Cisco, General Equipment (GE), Medic4All , ND Satcom, Panasonic, Philips, Polycom. In Russia competitors include: DiViSy and few others. Other competitors include system integrators of telemedical solutions (foreign: Anf, in Russia: Lanit, RegionKom, Stel, Nvision Group and few others).


T-smart LLC develops custom-made mobile and portable telemedical and media communication systems. As part of the Skolkovo project with the support of the Skolkovo Fund, T-smart is currentlly working on the innovative project to develop an automated system for doctor's decision-making support that is based on the use of portable telemedical systems. After completing this project the company plans to start design and productionn of a product line of portable telemedical systems equipped with modern wireless medicacommunication tools, autonomous portable medical devices, cameras and sensors, augmented reality and visualization software applications, integrated objects & tools libraries and telemedical knowledge bases - altogether these systems will make up an automated system for doctor's decision making support. Current project stage: prototype development (1st stage) Project timeline: 1st stage will last 12 months

Investment opportunities

According to preliminary expert estimates, the company cost is 10-12 billion dollars US. Potential investors are offered to enter the company with a max. share of up to 49%.

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