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Our product is a full scale technological solution for satellite internet service providers: • Channel efficiency – shaping, coding, acceleration • Customer experience: real-time billing, client software and proprietary service plans with all kinds of business logic • Operations efficiency: OSS with more than 90% business process of the service provider fully automated; • Franchise solutions: incorporating any number of virtual satellite and satellite-dependent ISPs Key customers: • Raduga Internet - Russia’s largest B2C satellite provider, • MTS - leading telecommunications group in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, • Rusat - Russia’s satellite provider, • Gilat - Israeli provider of satellite communications products and services. Evanti is a 100% privately owned company with zero debt.


Since Evanti is a satellite technology company, we started our implementations with satellite ISPs. However, our studies show that Smart Market is most useful for cellular operators. Our target is to develop the Smart Market solution for cellular operators by the end of 2012. Since we see the greatest potential in the US and European telecom markets, our strategy is to become an international company, while keeping most of R&D activities in Russia. How we sell Smart Market? For satellite operators Smart Market – as part of Evanti product line. For other wireless – as a separate client-server application. We monetize the solution by selling it to service providers on different types of networks. Average price for installation of this type of product is $0,8 – 1 mln. with a support fee of 15-20% per year. We expect to sell 1-2 installations in 2012 and at least 4 projects per year since we reach cellular market in 2013.


Evanti ltd. is a telecom software company, developing and implementing innovative solutions to traditional challenges of telecom service providers. Our product is a full scale technological solution for satellite internet service providers. Key solution - Smart Market - is an innovative traffic management solution. We use experimental economics and Game Theory algorithms to get excellent results in customer satisfaction and capacity utilization for all types of wireless networks – cellular, satellite and other.

Investment opportunities

Within the next 18 months we are planning to invest $3 – 3.5 mln: • $1.7 - 2 mln into development and testing our solution; • $1 – 1.5 mln into marketing and trial implementation of the solution. We are also looking for telecom market professionals to join our team (and get on board) in accessing US and global markets of service providers.

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