Asteros Labs

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“Asteros Labs” LLC was established in December 2010 for participation in Skolkovo project. The company objective is creation of innovative IT products with considerable added value for customers and partners”. “Asteros Labs” is a subsidiary of Asteros Group (100% ownership). “ASTEROS” CJSC shareholder, International Financial Corporation (IFC) supports this Project. The Project attracted leading Russian and foreign experts in development of IT products, applied mathematics and venture investment.


Target users of Asteros Contact product family are customer service departments of companies that provide wide range of services to population and/or use a large number of various business applications for provision of these services. Products created on the basis of Asteros Contact platform allow creation of unified ergonomic interface of customer service operator and considerable increase in efficiency of providing services.


This Project is aimed at creation of advanced software platform for integration of customer service applications and business processes automation with convenient, ergonomic and unified user interface. This platform will be based on innovative technologies and will serve as a basis for creation of several vertical solutions: Asteros Contact Avia for airports, Asteros Contact MFC for multifunctional centers, Asteros Contact Bank for banks, Asteros Contact Dispatcher for dispatcher services and Asteros Contact Telecom for telecommunication operators. At an early Project’s stage we plan to focus on creation of alpha version of the platform for integration of customer service application and business processes automation Asteros Contact and vertical solution for telecommunication operators Asteros Contact Telecom.