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• Drug development against matrix protein of HIV-1 MA / p17

• Small molecule compounds with a mechanism of action based on inhibition of the activity of the protein p17 / MA human immunodeficiency virus, which leads to the prevention of virus penetration into cells of the human body and the suppression of virus assembly in already infected cells.

• The basis of the drug will be a small molecule developed using proprietary technology of molecular modeling


• HIV / AIDS is a socially significant disease, at the persent time there are no vaccines against HIV / AIDS , viruses rapidly develop resistance to the existing drugs, also the most of the drugs are highly toxic for prolonged use.

• Taking into account the requirements of the industry trends, the company "Quantum Pharmaceuticals" develops candidates for drug with a new mechanism of action, more convenient mode of administration, activity against resistant strains and minimal side effects.


The company "Quantum Pharmaceuticals" actively develops antiviral drugs based on the inhibition of matrix proteins with grant support from "Skolkovo" Foundation.

Investment opportunities

• First-in-class, novel MoA compounds  

• One of the most conservative targets in HIV genome, low toxicity and hogh efficacy help to achieve a market

  The currently developed protein inhibitors of p17/MA  have activity lower several times in comparison with the compounds developed by Quantum Pharmaceuticals LLC




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