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3DiVi Company was incorporated in April 2011 and raised $1.2m in July, 2012. The major shareholder of the company is PAPILLON ZAO (the vertically integrated provider of biometric solutions with $50M in annual sales in 30 countries around the world). The company has three development teams in Russia (Miass, Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg) and representative office in Silicon Valley (Sunnyvale, CA). Technology is patented in Russia, two US patents are pending.


The major market opportunities for commercialization of our technology platform are related to providing gesture recognition functionality on open platforms such as Android. Our project is therefore aimed at the intersection of fast-growing markets of controller-free gaming and Smart TV. Smart TV is growing in popularity. It is expected that the share for Smart TV will reach 54% of all flat panel TVs by 2014 with 148 million sold. The current global market is currently exceeding $5 billion.


3DiVi company develops hardware and software for three-dimentional machine vision systems. Enhanced accuracy and selectivity of gesture recognition, increased skeletal tracking performance and most depth sensor compatibility make 3DiVi Middleware an ideal solution for natural user interfaces in a wide range of electronic devices such as Smart TVs or game consoles.

Investment opportunities

Currently looking for $5 million out of total $10 million for the development of technology that can be used (partially or as a whole) to build entertainment platform of the future: 3D sensor reference design, Middleware for gesture-controlled UI, Applications, ASIC design, Host device for a 3D sensor (Smart TV dongle). Pre-money valuation target: $7.5 million. Investment requirements: The first tranche: 08.2012 - $1.3m; Next tranches depends on reaching of milestones: 08.2013 - $1.7m, 09.2013 - $2m.

Team [4]

Dmitry Morozov
Dmitry Morozov

Business Development Director

Alexey Stolyar
Alexey Stolyar

Software Development Director