Optogan. New technologies of light.

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Optogan. New technologies of light conducts research in the field of integrated lighting solutions. The company constantly improves the unique Chip-on-board technology, conducts research and design development of LED drivers, and modifies design decisions for the entire Optogan product line.

The project aims to make a breakthrough move from an individual light emitting diode (LED),which has already been implemented in the technology «Chip-on-board», to the integrated luminary systems that will include light emitting chips, power supply and control elements (drivers), and primary optics – all assembled on a single template.

Such breakthrough is possible thanks to ongoing improvement in the technology in Optogan Research Center. Full integration will in particular significantly reduce the cost of the manufacturing process followed byprice lowering of LED light sources.

Firstlings of new developments commercialization can already be seen at the Optogan fab in St. Petersburg. In October 2012 was started the production of innovative LED module Optogan X10.

The Optogan X10 module (Chip-on-board technology) has size and power which are possible to change due to clients’ needs. X10 modules are produced in blocks consisting of 72 elements and it is possible use either whole blocks or single elements. Based on the technical requirements, the customer can order the Chip-on-board of a certain size and power, or divide blocks if needed.

Module developments were conducted in cooperation with Skolkovo Innovation Center ".


Global Market of LED lighting technology in 2011 reached a volume of U.S. $ 8.1 billion, with a market share of LED lighting at 6% of the total market of general lighting in the world.

McKinsey estimates that in 2016, the world market of LED lighting technology will increase 10 times against the level of 2011 and will be about 47 billion dollars (45% of the total market of general lighting).

Russian LED market will outperform global trends. Experts estimate an increase from 50 million in 2011 to 6 times in 2016 and will exceed $ 300 million.

Chip-on-board technology is now spreading in the advanced countries of Asia and Europe.In Russia this technology will soon become widely used in the LED industry as the most integrated technology. 


Optogan. New technologies of light LCC is a scientific department of Optogan company producing LED chips, LEDs, light sources based on them, and lighting control systems. Optogan team of highly skilled professionals conducts scientific research, the results of which allow to make changes in technical and manufacturing processes, reduce prime cost and create eco-friendly, safe and affordable product. Since 2011, Optogan NTL is a resident of Skolkovo Innovation Center .Research work in Optogan is supervised by one of its founders, Vladislav Bougrov, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, executive vice president of the company Optogan.

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