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Aroforming – a profitable and green technology for producing high-octane gasoline from low-octane hydrocarbons and other lesser-value hydrocarbon streams.

Employing our proprietary technology, oil refiners can produce high octane gasoline at 1/3 of the current costs and CO2 emissions.

Current Status:

  • First license sold in 2016
  • First commercial plant launch in Q2 2017
  • Clients’ interest from Canada, the USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Middle East and Ukraine.



High global commercial potential - hundreds of potential plant locations with potential revenues from licensing in the hundreds of millions USD.

  • The $1 trillion gasoline market grows by $60 billion a year, giving a strong platform for Methaforming. Oil refiners in developing markets seek ways to make more gasoline from available feeds (naphtha, NGLs, condensate, etc.) to meet growing demand while refiners in developed countries are looking for ways to protect their tight margins by refining lesser-value streams into high-octane gasoline blendstock.
  • Total addressable market to exceed $1.6 billion by 2020



New gas technologies – synthesis is a project company of the NGT group, established to develop and commercialize the Methaforming and Aroforming technologies. 

The company owns a powerful portfolio of patents and patent applications covering: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Saudi Arabia, the USA, 38 countries of the European Patent Organization, 9 countries of the Eurasian Patent Organization.

The team includes technology authors and management personnel with vast experience in diverse fields including the implementation of innovative projects, asset management and private equity.


Investment opportunities

Raising $5m to cover costs of patenting in priority markets, finish tests of 4k tpa commercial demo plant, and the development of a commercial 2m3 reactor on the customer’s site.

Team [8]

Denis Pchelintsev
Denis Pchelintsev

Co-founder of several successful technology startups, previously...

Olga Malova
Olga Malova

Co-inventor of the catalyst, experience in catalytic refining...

Stephen Sims
Stephen Sims

Official representative of NGTS in North America. Extensive...

Sergey Medvedev
Sergey Medvedev

Executive Director and Partner of the private equity and management...

Joseph Lischiner
Joseph Lischiner

Co-inventor of the technology, experience in designing gas...