NGTS' proprietary technology «Methaforming» which converts low-octane naphtha into high-octane gasoline blendstock was recently featured in the refining industry's leading magazine, Hydrocarbon Processing in its July, 2015 edition.

The magazine noted that unlike conventional reforming, NGTS' methaforming process can tolerate sulfur content up to 500 ppm wt, with lower operating costs. It is estimated that for a 20-Mbpd unit, the savings total $240 MM net present value.

As low oil prices make naphtha reforming margins more competitive across the world, refiners are looking for innovative ways to save costs and boost profits. NGTS’ one-step process can serve to replace naphtha desulphurization, reforming, isomerization and benzene removal, thereby reducing costs by up to a third.

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