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“Photonics” is a private, innovative company founded in 2010 with the goal to develop and bring to the Russian market advanced new-generation medical laser systems for soft and hard tissue surgery (stLase and atLase). “Photonics” is a Skolkovo resident company and takes part in the technology platform program, “Medicine of the Future”. Initial therapeutic indication – surgery in dentistry; prospective indication: surgical intervention in gynecology, obstetrics, otorhinolaryngology, proctology and other. Main advantages of the new laser systems, which are developed in close partnership with the international companies Dental Photonics (US) and Laser Abrasive Technologies (US), are their compactness, multi-functionality, ergonomics, as well as relatively low cost. In 2012 the first product was registered in Russia and 5 pilot units were released.In 2013 the Company began to make first domestic sales.


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