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Russian pharmaceutical company Incuron, LLC was established in January 2010 by closed-end mutual investment fund of high-risk (venture) investments Bioprocess Capital Ventures (hereafter Fund) jointly with the American public company Cleveland Biolabs, Inc. Incuron LLC is the center for planning and management of drug development (CBL0137 and CBL0102) form the late stages of R&D to a full program of clinical trials including application for appropriate regulatory authorizations in Russia and USA. At the beginning of 2010 the representative office of Incuron, LLC was established in USA, it’s located in Buffalo, New-York, USA, not far from the co-founder Cleveland Biolabs, Inc and Roswell Park Cancer Institute, the place where it supposed to conduct clinical trials in USA. The American office is managed by expirienced pharmacologists, oncologists and experts on drug registration with solid work experience at Cleveland Biolabs, Inc. и Roswell Park Cancer Institute.


Due to the nature of progression and the severity of cancer and autoimmune diseases, as well as an increase in patients who need qualified care, there is unsatisfied demand for drugs intended for treatment of these diseases, which is reflected in the steady growth of the pharmaceutical market in both volume and value terms . The final consumers of the developed products are oncologic patients and people suffering from autoimmune diseases. Provision of such patients in Russia is carried out through hospital procurement and public procurement system for provision people entitled to benefits under the program of RDL/PDC (ДЛО/ОНЛС). In this regard, the main consumer of the developed products is the Government represented by the Ministry of Health and Social Development. In USA the system of health insurance is widespread, which is used for the purchase of drugs prescribed by physicians. In fact, the consumer is the Government again, as well as private insurance companies that finance such purchases. Thus, the developed products are classified as drugs, which, after launch in Russia and other countries, generally purchased not by patients but under different insurance or government programs. Patent protection allows to develop and promote the products of the project not only in Russia and USA but also in EU, South-East Asia and other markets.


The aim of the company is to plan and conduct pre-clinical and clinical trials of innovative drugs based on a new class of molecules, Curaxins, which are small molecules with potentially wide range of therapeutic use for cancer and autoimmune disease treatment. It’s supposed for drugs based on curaxins to be used for liver, lung, renal, head and neck, and colorectal cancer therapy as well as for treatment of autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus. The ability to modulate simultaneously abnormal activity of three key pathways in tumor cells (via chromatin protein complex FACT inhibition) accounts for this unique feature of the Curaxins. This provides the selectivity of their antitumor action. This feature allows to intend these compounds for the treatment of several neoplastic diseases and to provide a competitive advantage over the other antitumor drugs presented at the world market which generally are active against only one target or very toxic for the human organism. There is a high chance of success if use the Curaxins to treatment certain autoimmune and inflammation diseases.

Investment opportunities

Incuron, LLC plans to attract a second round of funding in the amount of $ 100 million in 2016.

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