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GlobalLab is an e-learning environment that supports collaborative investigations. It is a new type of specialized social network that integrates three major products:

  • Open GlobalLab™: a specialized social network where data streamed from hardware- and software-based digital probes reside. It is a purposeful community where users are united by views and insights arising from viewing and analyzing peer-generated data sets. They can place their data into regional and global contexts for a fun, innovative way to explore the world.
    Targeted for: citizen scientists and the general public
  • The GlobalLab Academy™: a subscription-based network for advanced users who want to further explore their objects of research. Its unique learning modules, Global Learning Units™ (GLUs), use data streams to support real-world investigations drawn from Open GlobalLab.
    Targeted for: students and educators; educational institutions and programs, including homeschooling and special education.
  • GlobalLab Investigation Builder™: a sophisticated, web-based authoring system allows users to create investigations, inquiries, and surveys. They can generate tables for collecting qualitative data and streaming data from probes. They can visualize all data in charts and tables as well as geographically on maps.
    Targeted for: all GL users; teachers and publishers.



GlobalLab products target both consumer and school markets.  

Consumer market:
Commercialization is similar to the commercialization of social networks, which includes:

  • contextual advertising
  • sales (GL digital probes will be available for both i-OS and Android as downloadable applications via the iStore and the Android market)
  • additional services (virtual products, premium options)
  • merchandising data (users’ data aggregation, statistics, etc.).

Educational markets:
Direct sales of services and product access to formal and informal educational institutions, systems of educational institutions (national, regional, sub-regional, etc.), and individual users (B2C). Commercialization will be through:

  • fixed-term subscriptions;
  • fixed-term subscriptions for access to substantial product resources;
  • applications for tablet PCs (electronic books).
  • educational materials (GLUs, will be distributed as iBooks)
  • GL digital probes.

Sales to other manufactures (B2B) (sales of non-exclusive licenses), i.e.:

  • non-exclusive licenses for an embedded version to major educational institutions (for example, European Schoolnet comprised of 150,000 schools)
  • non-exclusive licenses for digital probes
  • content licensing (non-exclusive licenses to publishers of digital and traditional educational materials)
  • referrals (publishers, probes and equipment manufactures websites)
  • advertorials (publishers, probes and equipment manufactures)
  • advertising (vendors that offer books, hardware, merchandise related to investigations).



GlobalLab was founded in July 2011 by renowned educational theorist Boris Berenfeld to develope and commercialize innovative educational product based on crowdsourcing. The ideas of GlobalLab has a long history but the opportunity to implement it became real only in a few recent years.

Investment opportunities

  • The company is 100% owned by its founder
  • GlobalLab received an investment of $100,000 as a planning grant from the Skolkovo Foundation and $135,000 in grants from Intel Education and the Dynasty Foundation.
  • The company is raising $4 million for:
    - developing a global partnership and distribution network
    - scaling up to 3 million users worldwide.
  • Required investment: $2 million

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