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The developed technology using selective ion exchange materials AXIONIT allows you to extract and concentrate the ions of the rare, rare, precious metals from complex composition solutions. Next, the metal ions absorbed material are able to converted into a form purified from admixtures of salts and then reduced to the free metal. This reduces the production costs of rare and precious metals, to increase process efficiency, to avoid loss of valuable raw materials, to reduce the amount of waste generated, and to minimize harm to the environment. The ion exchange materials can be used repeatedly. AXIONIT ion exchange materials are developed directly by the individual requirements of customers.


Consumers AXIONIT ion exchange materials are large industrial companies of mining and metallurgical industry of Russia, enterprises for processing of mineral raw materials, interested in extracting rare metals, for example, in the production of fertilizers, as well as enterprises SC "Rosatom".
The company's portfolio contains the following ion exchange resins:
- Eco-10 to extract the amount of REM;
- MND 40T to extract radionuclides europium, americium, as well as the heavy rare earth group;
- Eco-10A for extracting scandium;
- NP for extracting indium, scandium;
- RCs for the extraction of cesium from alkaline environments (bottoms evaporator nuclear power plants)
- Pd Sorb for cleaning silver electrolyte of palladium


The company of "Axion-Rare and Precious Metals" fast-growing innovative company in the development and subsequent production of new domestic ion-exchange materials for the selective extraction of rare, rare earth and precious metals. The company is located in Perm on a platform of "Perm Chemical Company", uses modern research and production base.


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Kondrutskii Dmitrii Alekseevich
Kondrutskii Dmitrii Alekseevich

CEO, Project manager, Ph.D. in Chemistry. The developer of...

Gadzhiev Gadzhi Rabadanovich
Gadzhiev Gadzhi Rabadanovich

Chief Chemist, Ph.D. in Chemistry. Responsible for R&D and...

Kablov Viktor Fedorovich
Kablov Viktor Fedorovich

Doctor of technical sciences, Scientific consultant