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Project implementation "Development of a new drug for the treatment of cancer of the reproductive system of a man"

The purpose of this project is to develop a new drug that will permit treatment of cancer of the reproductive system of a man.  The authors of the projects ascertained that an active substance of the drug (which was created in the project) Tsezaroks ® - diindolylmethane (DIM), has a selective inhibitory activity against cancer stem cells of different origin. Numerous studies on experimental models were conducted in order to determinate  the drug's effectiveness against breast and ovarian cancer. The discovered unique property of DIM creates serious scientific background for the development of anticancer drugs with new mechanisms of action.

The results of the project were presented at the XIII Russian Forum "Mother and Child" by the Russian scientific school with international participation "Translational Medicine: a translational research and implementation of future developments in the health care system”. In 2012 an article appeared  in an international journal with a high quotation index “Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communication".
These results allow moving to clinical trials of the drug soon.



The market volume of drugs that are used to fight against the pathologies of the reproductive system in Russia is now $170-200 million and the sector is predicted to grow up to $ 1 billion by 2015. The inclusion of Tsezaroks ® in the standards of care (this will be the first original domestic remedy for the treatment of oncology diseases) will help us to take the leading position in this segment of the pharmaceutical market. This will provide a public procurement in Russia for at least $50-70 million.
It is also planned to release the product on the European market in the future.



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