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VOCORD FaceControl 3D is non-cooperative automatic biometric facial recognition system based on 3D-machine vision technology. 

3D uses specially designed stereo cameras VOCORD NetCam4 and specialized software. The cameras take series of synchronous photos from different angles, the software creates 3D-model of the face in real time and matches it against database of 2D and 3D images.

Shape and texture reconstruction

- Accuracy of reconstruction of the key biometric points is 0,5 мм.

- The system reconstructs even finely textured surfaces and hair.

- Time of 3D-reconstruction (including shape and texture reconstruction) is about 2 s.

VOCORD FaceControl 3D system guarantees high reliability of recognition even if the face is partially covered.



Companies in Russia and around the world uses 2D systems and functionally limited 3D systems for facial recognition.

3D-vision technologies are one of the most prospective trends in video analysis.

VOCORD FaceControl 3D system allows to recognize faces with a very high accuracy in the conditions, when human does not cooperate with the cameras. All process of 3D-reconstruction takes about 2 s.



-Biometric Access Control

-Employee time and attendance

-Detection of black-listed visitors


Government and Law enforcement

-Border Control

-Biometric Access Control




Vocord is a Russian engineering company, a manufacturer and developer of professional video surveillance systems and telecommunications solutions. 

Vocord is specialized in development of professional high-tech security systems with unique technical characteristics. Solutions of the company designed for projects of wide scale factors with high scalability. Vocord systems are installed in more than 100 projects in Russia and abroad.

Vocord develops new technologies in the field of video analytics: biometric facial recognition, automatic number plate recognition technologies and others intelligent video algorithms.

Vocord Company is a member of professional association ONVIF and the Russian biometric society, resident of Skolkovo Fundation.

The company was founded in 1999. Today the company staff is over 120 specialists, 80 % of which are mathematicians, developers and engineers.

Team [3]

Aleksey Kadeyshvili
Aleksey Kadeyshvili

CTO of Vocord company

Timur Vekilov
Timur Vekilov

CEO of JSC "Vocord Telecom" (Vocord Group)

Oleg Genin
Oleg Genin

CEO of JSC "Vocord SoftLab" (Vocord Group)

Investors [2]