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DO-RA Project - The mobile dosimeter/radiometer is developed on the basis of mobile/smart phones. It uses the unique sensor of high-energy alpha/beta/gamma rays.DO-RA system is controlled by specially designed software and the licensed operational system of the relevant mobile device.The sensor made on the basis of the semi-conducting detector can be integrated in the phone or used as an auxiliary deviceconnected to USB port or via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi and operated by the same softwareThe power to DO-RA system is supplied by the mobile/smart phone battery.


The main markets for the devices DO-RA are Russia, Japan, US, EU, China, Ukraine, Middle

East and all other countries using, producing or storing nuclear power or wastes. In most

countries sales of household dosimeters are not restricted. Main competitor (particularly in the

US) is SCOSCHE. The SCOSCHE’s dosimeter-radiometer device is comparable by size with

the computer mouse. It connects to smartphones through universal connector of 1.5-meter

length. Test price of the SCOSCHE dosimeter is $250-$399. In Japan, DOCOMO and its

subsidiary NTT developed the dosimeter-radiometer to be enclosed inside smartphone. The

price of the dosimeter is not defined yet.

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