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Project Centre of applied research “Energy efficient heat exchange and catalysis: UNIHEAT” aims at addressing fouling, heat transfer enhancement and energy maximisation problems across all scales, from the molecular to the process unit to the overall heat exchanger network
       Intensification of heat exchanging processes for the oil and gas industry for prevention of deposits and fouling
       Reduction of hydraulic drag in heat exchange equipment and pipelines
       Mitigation technologies including surface treatment and additive development applied to heat exchangers and pipeline systems
       Improving design of heat exchange equipment, energy recovery networks and utilisation of waste heat
       Advanced modelling for efficient management of combined heat and reaction in oil and chemical processes utilising new catalysts
       Catalytic processes and reactors for enhancing energy efficiency and its generation
       Industrial processes for fuel upgrading and normalisation


Oil and gas processing industry
• Chemical industry
• Energy sector


Founders of UNICAT Ltd: Boreskov Institute of Catalysis SB RAS, Novosibirsk State University

• January 2011 -
UNICAT Ltd establishment
• October 2011 - resident  of Skolkovo Foundation
• November 2011 - "Energy efficient heat exchange and catalysis" project proposal
• February 2012 - approval of the grant committee of
Skolkovo Foundation
• July 2012 - grant agreement with

Skolkovo Foundation
• December 2012 - agreement with British Petroleum

as co-investor 

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Investment opportunities

UNICAT Ltd is open to collaboration with a wide range of industrial partners for implementation of project results.

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British Pertoleum
British Pertoleum

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