On November 29, 2011, the Digital October platform in Moscow hosted the IV Innovation Convention, in the course of which the Skolkovo Innovation Centre held a regular ceremony of awarding the resident status to its new participants. One of the start-ups, included into the Biomedical Cluster, was the NeuroMax, Ltd, a portfolio company of Maxwell Biotech Group.

NeuroMax, Ltd is a private biotech company, financed by Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund, set up with participation of RVC. NeuroMax, Ltd was founded in 2010 in order to develop and market innovative drugs, intended for fighting against the central and peripheral nervous system diseases. It is the fifth portfolio company of Maxwell Biotech Group, that became a participant of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre in 2011.

Receiving the traditional symbols of the Innovation Centre participant, CEO of NeuroMax Nikolay Golub noted that he was very glad that the awarding ceremony was taking place in such a friendly and democratic atmosphere. He expressed hope that the further relations of NeuroMax and Skolkovo would develop in such an atmosphere.

The company has recently completed a series of preclinical trials of the efficiency and safety of the first developed drug NM-IA-001, aimed at treatment of diabetes complications, and plans to proceed with the stage of the clinical trials of this drug. If the clinical trials are successful, NM-IA-001 may become the first drug in Russia for the pathogenetic treatment of diabetic neuropathy.

Nowadays, there are no pathogenetic treatment drugs in the market of drugs, intended to treat diabetes complications. NM-IA-001 is a low-molecular inhibitor of an aldose reductase ferment. This drug considerably slows down diabetic neuropathy. The main indication of NM-IA-001 is distal diabetic polyneuropathy and it can be additionally used for treatment of other diabetic complications, including diabetic nephropathy and retinopathy.

Bionevia Pharmaceuticals, Inc., an American biotech company is a NeuroMax’ partner in product development.

Photo: Nikolay Golub, CEO of NeuroMax, (on the right) is receiving documents, confirming the status of a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre Biomedical Cluster from Alexander Chernov, Skolkovo Innovation Centre (on the left)

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