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The project is a development of the analogous technology for vertical wells. Previously, the team had experience introducing the technology in vertical wells, which in nearly 90% of cases achieved positive results. Plasma-pulse technology is absolutely clean, safe, and does not harm the cement column and underground equipment. In operation, the generator is immersed into the well and creates a dense plasma. Pressure pulses reveal the natural and create new micro-fractures that increase the permeability of the reservoir. This significantly improves the filtration properties of the reservoir, which leads to higher oil and gas recovery. The essence of the technology lies in the use of plasma energy for reservoir stimulation.


The potential market for the technology being developed is quite extensive. At present there are about 110,000 horizontal wells, including 6,000 in Russia and more than 70,000 in the U.S. It should be noted that the share of horizontal wells in the U.S. already exceeded 50% of the total number of wells drilled by 2010, and the number is growing. According to preliminary calculations, by 2015, the market for plasma-pulse technology could reach $960 million.


The creation of environmentally friendly technologies to increase oil and gas recovery and horizontal oil and gas (shale) wells by plasma-pulse action.

Investment opportunities

The development team is interested in attracting strategic partners to move into international markets, as well as to attract investment for the next stages of the project. There are also plans to invite Russian oil companies to the project that can provide testing grounds and provide funding for conducting experimental work.

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