SPUTNIKS, resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, and SAFT, world leader in development of energy supply storage and distribution for industrial and space applications, have signed a memorandum on cooperation for energy supply system design for a range of small satellites.

Under the terms of the memorandum, SPUTNIKS will order Li-Ion rechargeable batteries and other components for the satellite power supply system (PSS), as well as advisory services from SAFT during design and testing of PSS components. Besides, SAFT will provide components for production of a land electric PSS model and will assist in its creation.

“We are very excited by the prospects of cooperation with such a respected partner as SAFT. I am confident that our joint efforts will allow us to develop an efficient and reliable power system for small satellites,“states Andrey Potapov, SPUTNIKS CEO.

Power supply systems will be jointly designed for satellites of the “TabletCat” type, 10 to 50 kg, designed by SPUTNIKS for technological, scientific and educational experiments.

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