SPUTNIX, resident of the innovation center Skolkovo, and Bauman Moscow State Technical University, a leading technical university in Russia, signed a memorandum on 19 February on SPUTNIX participation in implementation of scientific and educational projects, as well as in BMSTU program for holding scientific and technological experiments onboard small scientific and education satellites.

According to the terms of the memorandum, SPUTNIX will take part in BMSTU space projects:  Baumanets-2 satellite project - relating to experiments with the onboard computer; in the space experiment Parus-BMSTU (space sail) – relating to manufacture of nanosatellite stabilization system elements, and in the space experiment Tros-BMSTU (space rope system) – relating to fitting out a rope system’s passive component with service system elements.

Additionally, the Bauman University is interested in using a small satellite of the TabletSat type developed by SPUTNIX, for holding scientific, educational and technological experiments at earth orbit, in particular, for onboard integration of the University’s payload.

The partners believe that participation of SPUTNIX in BMSTU educational projects will give additional momentum to the development of higher professional and post-graduate education in the area of space technologies.

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