The main current project is the wheeled android robot Axino controlled from any web browser from any place of the World. It means that robot can be used like simplest avatar. The key feature and purpose of the project is a low cost allowing Axino to enter into the consumer market. This aim is achieved thanks to know-how level design in mechanics, algorithms, production technology and close cooperation with Chinese manufacturers .

 Robot functions correspond to the functions of "smart home" and remote presence robot with hands. It can be considered also as the simplest version of avatar.

 Basic software includes means of Internet communication, speech synthesis and recognition, image recognition, and orientation in the room. The main way to control the robot by human operator via a web interface using standard web browser on your mobile device without necessity to install any applications. Used technologies are  ASP.NET, C #, JavaScript, XML, SilverLight, WCF.

 The robot will have open APIs for third-party software.

 The robot has two cameras, four microphones, two speakers, electronic compass, gyroscope, inclinomer, capacitive touch sensors, four ultrasonic distance sensors, the industry standard network DCON commands in ASCII code with the possibility of increasing the number and type of sensors and input-output modules. Internal control of the robot performed entirely in modules distributed control system RealLab! of NL and RD series, see for details .

 Robot arm has 11 degrees of freedom, including 6 degrees for the hand, head with two degrees of freedom , 4-wheel chassis with two engines, the possibility of lifting and lowering the torso 50 cm, standard ports for connecting a monitor, keyboard, mouse. The full height of the robot is 135 cm.

 Current status and content of the project can be seen from the results published in the company news page

 The second project is the RLDA is PID controller using nonparametric plant model. The main difference from analogues is nonparametric numerical spline plant model using experimental characteristics of the object that is used instead of the analytical model. This achieves an unprecedented high control quality during the auto tuning, which is independent of the simplifications inherent in the analytical models.

 PID controller is used for a variety of control systems, including high-speed mechanisms for controlling robots.


Industrial automation and consumer robotics markets.


RLDA, Ltd. (Research Laboratory of Design Automation, Ltd.) is developer and manufacturer of hard- and software for industrial automation market, as PLC, I/O modeles, interface converters, see Since 2012, the company started a new project named "Robot Axino" for consumer market. Our progress in this area can be seen in Skolkovo webpage .

Investment opportunities

The project is supported by RLDA company. We don't need investment. May be we will look for it in future.

Team [4]

Aleksandr Halyavko
Aleksandr Halyavko

Head of R&D department, Ph.D.

Victor Denisenko
Victor Denisenko

Head of project, doctor of technical science, see LinkedIn...

Gennadiy Lebed
Gennadiy Lebed

Chief of technology department

Dmitriy Klimkov
Dmitriy Klimkov

Director of RLDA company

Investors [1]