Prototype of  IT solution for Boards of Directors named BoardMaps was introduced by Dashboard Systems,  resident of Skolkovo IT cluster

The  program automates collegial  management bodies and is compatible with iPad (iOS 4.x and later) and Android tablets (Android 3.x and later).

On the basis of the single BoardMaps program system, a customized  client application is designed. It is designed for corporative secretaries to be used on desktop computers and laptops powered by MS Windows XP/Vista/7.

Thanks to the underlying innovative technical solutions and sophisticated corporate management methodology, BoardMaps can effectively  facilitate the way Board meetings are organized and run offering  a fundamentally new  level of comfort at which communication, meeting arrangement, decision-making and controlling are performed

A sophisticated while user-friendly  system interface allows focusing solely on hot issues, providing all the required information right at hand and sending  timely to-do notifications.

To secure data safety, the server part of the system runs on MS SQL Server 2010, a protected document database and application server using  a number of additional services and frameworks ensuring system flexibility and adjustability to individual needs and business processes of the client.

The system can run on two platforms: protected Windows 2008 Server or Windows Azure Cloud (in the latter case under SaaS model). Data are transmitted in encrypted form via protected data channels using the security certificate. All documents are encrypted using CryptoPro libraries (CSP/TLS) both at the server and the client end. Prior to uploading, documents are automatically converted into PDF format.

The system operates on mobile devices (tablets)  even without connection to the server (offline) using locally installed database under SQLite 3.7.x.

The dynamic data encryption including personal certificates and emergency certificate revocation prevent access to the data stored on the lost  mobile device.

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