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Our growth is driven virally and through referrals. We do not spend any money on customer acquisition. Currently, we are seeing no signs of a slowdown. However, we understand that 50% monthly growth is not sustainable and competitors will emerge. We will use a small portion of raised funds to test marketing methods in order to be able to act quickly in response to future competition or a natural slowdown. Currently the service is free, although we do collect a small amount for support from our larger customers. SMB PaaS lend themselves to a number of business models including Freemium, Paid, and Advertising. We intend to test all these options at a range off price levels using small but statistically significant subsets of users to determine the optimal balance between revenue and growth.


20 years ago, the world was dominated by PCs and over the last 20 years, a website became a virtual requirement for any business. 50% of all small businesses in the US have a website. That’s around 18 million websites. The world has changed. It is now dominated by smartphones and tablets. Use of tablets and smart phones is growing 8X faster than PC (9% PC, 72% mobile devices). As a result, we believe that over the next few years as many businesses will have a mobile app as have a website today.


iBuildApp is a patent-pending automated mobile app creation and publishing Platform-as-a-Service. The platform allows any business, group or individual to create and publish a native or a web app for a smartphone or a tablet (currently supporting HTML, iOS and Android) in a matter of minutes. The interface is template based with widgets for location / contact us, coupons, video, audio, pictures, RSS, Twitter / Facebook etc.

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Looking to Raise $3-4M at 10M pre-money.

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