Bravo Motors


E-Trike: a lightweight three-wheel electric vehicle for urban mobility.

e-Trike – ultra-light transforming electric car that allows to move around modern megalopolis regardless of traffic and parking issues. Unlike Segway our product gives consumer the degree of comfort and safety like in full-sized car.

E-Trike has futuristic three-wheeled design and is able to dynamically change the distance between the front and rear wheels as a transformer. That allows the  driver to use both  common roads and pedestrian zone depending on the position. ETrike has multi-board computer with access to social networks and the mode of remote control via smartphone or PDA.  Joystick instead of steering is used for easy vehicle operation. One of the major developments of the company  is a protected by patents innovative battery prolonging life system.


  • E-Trike takes little space on the road: solution for traffic jams. Extremely easy parking: 1.5 meters when folded.
  • The closed design (not typical for three-wheel vehicles) makes E-Trike relevant to the Russian weather conditions.
  • Low price ($7-15K depending on the scale of manufacturing) and mileage charge. 
  • Cheap maintenance due to the small number of components (20 times less than that of a car).
  • Improved maneuverability.
  • Easy operation by joystick.

Current R&D Status: Early prototypes of frame, motors and transforming device ready and initially tested. Vehicle concept proven on golf cars (5 units sold in 2012). In the near future  the company will complete the  development of  interior and exterior of the  E-Trike and conduct testing for certification.



The target global market of electric and hybrid vehicles reached $31B. The  targeted consumers are: (i) in B2B segment: industries of tourism, recreation and hospitality, courier companies, car rent services; (ii) in B2C segment: young people and existing car owners (as  the  second car) who  are interested in low-cost  and comfortable transport. 

Electric market is growing by 30%+ per year, many  European countries support the development of electric vehicles. It is predicted that this year 1.5M units of electric transport will be sold, and 5M units in 2015. By 2017, the electric vehicles market will grow 7 times and reach $227B.

In the electrotransport transformers segment there are 2 competitors, in  the segment of small electric transport  – 15 (Estrima Biro, Think City, Vectrix), in the segment of personal mobile transport - Segway (100K+ items sold).


Ltd. "Bravo Motors" is engaged in research and development in energy efficiency and electric vehicles of the future. One of the major developments of the company - an innovative system of prolonging life batteries in electric vehicles, protected by patents, and has no analogues in the world. The company, in collaboration with " Caspian Electric Transport " produces its own line of light electric vehicles for closure and utilitarian use: golf cart, elektrobuses and recreational electric vehicles. models are direct sales and sales through dealer’s network. Bravo Motors signed MoU with the major Russian dealer of electric vehicles.

Investment opportunities

Seeking $1.4M  to complete the development of the E-Trike, conduct  bench and field testing and launch the pilot production.

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